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Jenn Air model S156W.When plugging in the grill element, it

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Jenn Air slide-in range model S156W. When plugging in the grill element to the receptacle, it works erratically (element partially heats) and the exhaust fan does not come on automatically as it should. This does not happen on the other side of the stove when plugged in; everything works fine. Both standard elements with burners work well when plugged in (both were recently replaced) It appears that the receptacle should be replaced, which is easy to find on-line though I'm concerned about how easy it will be to remove the receptacle and replace it given what I have read on the web. Is this something that a reasonably handy do it your self type can do? Are there any tricks of the trade to best tackle this repair. Thanks for any help.

you can do this , its not very hard on these. but this may not be your problem. you may have a bad infinate switch if your fan is not comming on when it should. does the fan come on right when your new burners are in , and which recepticle is it you think needs replacing? let me know, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The fan works well with the switch as well as when the grill is plugged in on the left side of the stove. It comes on when either of the burners are turned plugged in on both sides (using the switch on top of the stove.) That does not occur on the right side (recepticle in the back) when the grill is plugged in. If it is the recepticle, then are there many steps to remove and replace? With this stove, the fan comes on automatically when the grill elements are inserted (there is a shunt on one of the connections) and manually when the burners are plugged in.
well if you need to replace the recepticle that the burners plug into (the one on the oven itself in the back) thats a little more complicated.the recepticle looks to be put in through the back on this and has a braket to hold it in. this means pulling the entire oven out so you can get at the recepticle.otherwise you have to slide the oven out away from back wall and go in from the can go to lName=ELECTRIC%20SLIDE-IN%20RANGE&diagramPageId=00008&componentDescription=TOP/GRILL%20PAN%20(S156W)%20(S156W)&documentId=X2900049&backToLink=Return%20to%20Sub%20Components%20list and look at part 11recepticle and part 12.braket and i think you will see what I mean.let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK. So does this mean that I also then need to remove the back panel to get to the recepticle?

see productCategoryId=0124160&brandId=1266&modelName=ELECTRIC%20SLIDE-IN%20RANGE&diagramPageId=00010&componentDescription=BASIC%20BODY%20(S156W)%20(S156W)&documentId=X2900049&backToLink=Return%20to%20Sub%20Components%20list

If so, is that fairly straightforward or will there be lots of bits to remove? If it is too big a deal, then I can just use the other recepticle for grilling stuff, though I am worried that if the receipticle is beginning to fail it should be replaced before it totally goes. If I have someone come in to repair this what kind of ballpark cost would it be? Thanks for all your help, I think we are about done.
well the bigest part of this is you may have to disconect the downdraft to slide the oven out enough to get to recepticle.I dont know what the service men charge in your area charge but I would probably charge around $85.00 to do this which is around right price but I live in tn. so the charge is probably lower here, if you live in big city it could be more.I wish I could tell you more but I just dont know what there getting for service in your area.thanks Bryan
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