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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Aloha, I have a GE wsm2700dawww wash/dry stack combo that takes

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Aloha, I have a GE wsm2700dawww wash/dry stack combo that takes 3 cycles to dry what used to take one. Other neighbors have had the same issue and have tried cleaning the vent with a vent brush w/o sucess. The unit is 2.5 yrs old. Does this model have a design flaw?
first thing you need to do is check you vent outside again and make sure its blowing out good, I know you said you tried cleaning vent but is it really blowing outside strong? try running a load without vent connected to machine just put a nylon stocking over the vent on machine and see if it dries good then, if it does take a leaf blower and connect it on the hose inside house and try to blow lint out. I'm not aware of any disign flaws in this, also are you using automatic cycle or timed dry? try timed dry and see if it works better, if it does you may need thermostat. I'll check model while you try these things, some of these machines have two heating elements and one may be bad. thanks Bryan
this machine only has one heating element so it has to be either venting or thermostat if its heating at all.let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I only use the timed cycle. I will try the stocking but dont have a leaf blower. Will a lint brush through thr pipe suffice. If it doesnt dry the stocking it must be thermostat? The temp isn't an hot as it used to be so if it is heating but not well it is is the thermostat?

Thanks for the advice.


Hi Mark, if your dryer is blowing outside good and it is heating than a thermostat is most likely the cause, I will check thermostats for you and let you know which one I think it could be,thanks Bryan, what happens if your vent is clogged is the thermostat will shut the heating element off so you wont have a fire , let me check further on this.thanks

click here to see heating element and the thermostat that controls the element. let me know if nylon over the vent dries better. thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for the information. You definately pointed me in the right direction. I tried to blow out the vent but had positive pressure feedback, so, I went up to the roof and found the screen that guards the vent from debris was bent ove the exhaust flap making it imposible for it to open. Easy fix for $15.00 but the thanks are worth a million.
your very welcome , have a great dy, thanks Bryan
I meant to say have a great day, sorry and thanks so much, Bryan