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north durham appliance
north durham appliance, Home Appliance Technician
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GE toploading clothes washer model WJSR2080V1WW (around 2000 )

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GE toploading clothes washer model WJSR2080V1WW (around 2000?) spin cycle is getting louder and louder. No squeaking or shreiking but just louder. Doesnt' seem to be due to retained water in the tub because the pump works fine and there's no sloshing when the spin stops. I first thought maybe all I needed to do was change the belt but now I'm wondering if repair should include tub bearing replacement as well. However, the "drive" of the spin quits when the lid is raised but the brake, if there is one, does not stop the spinning right away (it keeps coasting around). That worries me that maybe its related to the clutch or transmission as well? Otherwise the washer is working fine. I think I can replace belt myself and replace other drive components but wouldn't know what likely needs to be ordered for (1) fix of loud spin noise, (2) fix of brake, and (3) any preventive maintenance I should do while I have it all apart. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX [email protected]
your tub bearing [whole wash tub assembly ]and hub assembly are worn out and you may have an internal problem with the gearcase if the brake is not working i wouldnt spend the money on this washer they werent that reliable to begin with and it is a 400.00 washer youll spend more than half of that to repair it if its 8 years old it reached its expected life span hope this helps make your decision and if its an acceptible answer please click accept and thank you Kevin
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Kevin. I'm retired and on a pretty fixed income. The tub bearing, seal, and belt would all cost about $30 after shipping from Disregarding the tranny/brake issue ($150?), how tough is it to replace only the bearing and seal on the tub assembly to get by for a few months? I'm pretty good with tools but haven't replaced more than a timer, agitator, and motor on washing machines. (No tub removal so far.) Kerry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
But I do have the disassembly diagram and feel confident I could remove the tub. Just don't know if there are any clips or rings or nuts to be ordered as well (if you think it'll give me a few months) because the old ones might not be able to be reused or how difficult it is to be sure the seal is seated right.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Kevin, one more thing. If I do replace whole washer (Home Depot having sale right now), which do you prefer in the under $600 toploader range -- GE, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Amana, or Maytag?
there is aspecial tub wrench needed to remove tub bolt there over 60.00 althuogh its nothing more than a metal bar that looks like a lawnmower blade with a hex nut cut into it withoutit tub bolt removal would be very difficult the tub bearing only comes as a wash basket assembly i sure they are over 30.00 i would just use the washer as is save up and by a roper [made by whirlpool] direct drive washer 299 here in canada sure they are less in the US best bang for your buck very reliable washer easy to repair in the future and low cost repairs if this was my own washer i have the tools and the knowledge i wouldnt repair it to much time involved and cost and the washer has a short life span youll probably also have to replace the limiter straps on the top of the tub skirt never seen 1 over 2 years old with them intact there cheap 6.00 but there are 4 of them the ge hotpoint are the same dont go near them the whirpool maytag and ammana washer are the same now whirpool bought maytag 18 months ago all washer are now whirlpool built with different badgeing go for the roper same washer hundereds less not many feature all the ones you need none of the ones you dont i would just continue to use the ge washer as is it will workuntil it dies and save up for the roper
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