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I have a G.E. OTC Microwave JVM132K-004,The Smartboard WB27X912

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I have a G.E. OTC Microwave JVM132K-004,The Smartboard WB27X912 Has a loose part it is one of the two tall rectangular plastic box type parts,one is loose and if I put pressure against the side of it the oven heats fine. My question is how to resteak the loose connection with out causing more damage to the smartboard. does the plastic part lift off so I can see the solder points? thank you for any help you can give,Stan

Hi, Stan. Thanks for using If you remove the smartboard from its plastic housing and flip it over, you will be able to access the solder points. You will see the faulty connection on the board and can repair it with a soldering iron and some solder. Let me know how you do...




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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for your timely and very accurate answer,it was dead on. I have been fighting this problem with the bad connections on the GE smart board for about a year and have been leary about soldering on it as I sometimes mess it up completly. Actually Kelly I got my nerve up about 1 hour before your answer arrived and did exactly as you said to do,I Put all back together and plugged it in, and made my self a cup of tea and promptly popped a fuse, I said now you did it, when I received your reply I did feel much better as I did what you said to do. I reset the circuit breaker on my panel and behold it seems to be working fine now, must have been Geemlins...Thanks again Kelly, won't hesitate to call on you again. Stan

Great job, Stan! I am glad you got it up and going. The way I figure, if it's broken you really have nothing to lose by trying. Thanks for the update and be sure to treat yourself to a nice dinner out with the money you saved on a service call!!