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GE washer Prodigy wpse4200a0ww doesnt spin it starts strong,

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GE washer Prodigy wpse4200a0ww
doesn't spin: it starts strong, then in a few sec. halts

Hello andreyloban,

Start by removing the front panel of washer so you can see inside of washer. this panel has no screws it is hooked at bottom and clipped at top . There is a crack at the top where the front panel meets the top . In that crack there is a clip - one on each side about 2 inches in from edge . Push in on that clip with a putty knife and pull out the panel , repeat on opposite side and the front will literally fall off. Now dead middle in front is the motor with a belt on the bottom. First inspect the belt for damage then with your hand grab the belt and turn the belt a bunch one direction and then the other . This should turn the transmission in both directions ( agitate and spin ) . It doesn't turn real easily but still turn. If it locks up in one direction - bad transmission. Plug the washer back in and set for spin and watch - - - pump will run by itself for a while then motor should start and see what happens.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
...This particular model fails the same way instantly,
by the way I've done what You recommended first thing
myself, then along with my spouse we found something
over th internet:

I could not find anything similar to my problem so I messed with it a little more to try to narrow it down.
After taking the belt off to eliminate the transmission and clutches I ran a spin cycle and the motor was jerking and making the same noise as before. So it seemed that I had a bad Hi/Low switch in the motor as I have seen this behavior before. When I looked in the motor I found the centrifical ( not sure I spelled it right ) actuator but no switch. They must control the motor with a relay contactor scheme on the control board. Which meens that I have a bad winding in the motor or bad relay on the board.

Now the agitation cycle is getting wierd, it starts off fast and strong but after a few minutes it slows down and the motor heats up and goes into thermal protection. This does not always meen a bad motor and I am leaning towards a sticking or bad relay.

Does anyone have the schematics for the control board and the motor windings with Ohm values. I have the motor with the long flat connector. It is a shame to toss the whole $120 controller for the sake of a $3 relay, OOPS my cheep side is showing!
Motor model GE # XXXXX
Washing machine model GE Prodigy # XXXXX
Thanks , Ray in Ohio

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Then I remember disposing same " GE Prodigy", he told me
it's relay, he was fed w. it. I put it in the trash after he took
it apart badly.

I also assume there must be manufacturers call out,
free repair or smth. similar from their side...

Best regards XXXXX XXXXX'
I don't understand the last two paragraphs you sent. If your washer is starting and then quitting " jerking as you say" the motor has lost a winding ( the run winding ) . I've seen it before but not lately > the motor is replaced by a clutchless motor which means you also have to order a wiring harness kit which consists of a wring harness, capacitor , and relay . Here are the two part numbers WH49X10030 - wiring harness WH20X10019 - motor . Try or for the parts if you want to order online.
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