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I have a GE TPX24BP side by side refrigerator / freezer. Water

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I have a GE TPX24BP side by side refrigerator / freezer. Water is collecting on the bottom of freezer and freezing. I have shut off water to ice maker / door dispenser. I've read some online posts and people seem to think it's a clogged drain. If this is the likely cause of the problem, how do I access this and can I just clean it myself?


Yes - clogged drain . Remove the bin in bottom of freezer . Now look in the far back of freezer under a panel that covers the back wall. There is a trough with a hole in it . Break as much ice as you can out . Tap with a small hammer . Then use a hair dryer and start melting as much ice as you can until you see the hole. Next use a turkey baster and use very hot water and keep blasting and sucking in this hole until water goes down on it's own . When hole is finally open pour a few ounces of bleach into the hole and you're done

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