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My insinkerator is only making a humming noise and is not chopping

Resolved Question:

My insinkerator is only making a humming noise and is not chopping up the food just makes a bland noise.....nothing is clogging it? I've reset it, and it still won't work....
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Brian replied 9 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer.

Sorry to hear about your problem.


You'll know your disposal is jammed or clogged when the motor hums but the disposal doesn't run, or the disposal is overly noisy, or it runs and then stops before you turn it off. The problem is most often a piece of bone, fruit pit, or something similar, stuck between the impeller blade and the drain hole. Don't try to run the disposal when it's jammed-this can burn out the motor. If it hummed earlier and now it does not because of the attempts to run it, your situation may be a burned out motor.

You can still try this, to make sure: Under the sink, look around the bottom of the disposal for a hex-shaped hole. If you see one, look for a hex wrench that fits the hole (it's often attached to the disposal.) Install the hex wrench into the hole and force it back and forth in both directions to free the impellers that are in the disposal.

If your disposal doesn't have a hex-hole or you can't find the hex wrench, you can put a short broom stick into the disposal (with the switch turned off!), force it down against one of the blades, and try to rotate the impeller; this is an alternative to the hex wrench.

Once the blades are freely moving, you can try to turn it on (remove hex wrench and/ or broom stick first.) If it does not turn on then, unfortunately you probably burned out the motor. If it does work then great, you fixed it!





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Best of Luck, Brian


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