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I have a Kenmore 60 Series Electric Dryer and there is no heat,

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I have a Kenmore 60 Series Electric Dryer and there is no heat, but it is still tumbling. I have checked my breakers and unplugged the appliance. Vacuumed all the debris in the back and taken off the back panel. Where do I go from here? Teresa

Hi Teresa,


The next step is to check the voltage at the outlet where the cord goes into in your house. This should be done with a volt meter to confirm that you have 220 volts there.


If you have not done this before, you will need to be very careful because there is a lot of voltage there. Let me know if you need instructions on this. If you have any doubts, find someone who has done this before.


After confirming the voltage there, the next step is to check the voltage at the other end of the cord where it is attached to the dryer. You need to be sure that there is 220 volts there also.


The problem that you explain above is very often found by checking the two areas above. However, if you confirm the voltage is 220 (at those two spots) then we need to go further.


We will need the model number (that you should find on the cabinet when you open the door) to give you specifics.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok the model number is XXXXX and I don't have a volt meter or know where to get one or how to use it. I can tell you I have used this dryer for almost a year and it just slowly started taking longer and less heat then suddenly no heat. Teresa

Hi Teresa,


There should be three more digits in this model number like this 101.96566200. Please check the cabinet for the complete model number.


If it's not there..... Do you have the lint filter on the top of this dryer and you remove it from the top?


Is this dryer older than 5 years?....if so that supports this -


The additional information does seem to point to the heater coil going bad. This could be a DIY project that you could do.


However, to test it you will need a multi-meter. We don't want to have you order parts and find out by hit or miss that the part is good or bad.


Is there someone you can borrow a mult-meter from?


Thank you for your patience. Let me know what next step you would like to take.