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I have a 2year old Whirlpool Gold, model GS6NBEXRL 01. The

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I have a 2year old Whirlpool Gold, model GS6NBEXRL 01. The ice maker stopped working. I verified that the feed line is not frozen, it looks like the ice bin sensor is working (push in door open paddle, sensor light goes solid, break light beam, light blinks). I am a former electronic tech (retired army), pulled the cover off thewater dist unit at rear of fridge, am getting 120 vac on solenoid for front door water when I push that corresponding trigger, and water comes out. With empty ice hopper, I would expect to see same on solenoid for water feed of ice maker, but do not. Is the water dist unit bad internally, or is there an issue with something inside the fridge. Please assist, let me know what else you need me to test to verify.
ok i'll try to help, lets start from beging, what exsactly is going on with ice maker?I think I may have some insight to whats going on with this. you have to remove ice maker and check something for me, do you think you can? I had this same ref. the other day and it turned out to be ice maker mudule had a broken gear and would work a little sometimes but wouldnt fill bin , it stopped alot. let me know whats going on with yours. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Mine just stopped making ice all together. It's not making ice at all. I have pulled the ice maker unit out of the freezer earlier, and verified all connections look good. What would you like me to check?
ok remove ice maker agian and pull cover off front, you will see a gear white gear and in the middle of the gear there are little fingers that hold gear tight see if one is broken half off. if you can pull gear off or its loose you need to replace module. let me know Bryan
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ah, good call. The tab that olds the large white gear in place is broken, the gear came right off. Much thanks, XXXXX XXXXX a new one ordered and installed.I
glad to help. thanks Bryan . please leave some feedback if you haven't already . thanks again, Bryan