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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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fidgidaire gallery gas dryer not getting hot. Sometimes will

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fidgidaire gallery gas dryer not getting hot. Sometimes will get warm but not for long. help!

Hi this is Bryan, You may have one of a couple of problems, First check your dryer vent real good and make sure its blowing outside really strong.

Second you may have a bad thermostat, And third you may need gas valve coils. The best way to check if its a vent problem if your vent is hard to check,(to high off ground or goes through wall and cant clear) remove vent from dryer and see it it gets hot then. Is there a little plastic snap in cover about 1"x1" one the front of dryer you can pop off with a screwdriver? If there is this is for watching the flames in burner take it off and watch flame if there is one. the other tests are a little more difficult and require volt meter but do others first

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Hi Bryan,

Before checking your response today (I did it late last night and 4got) I came home and pulled out the dryer to remove the vent and tryed to clean it out with a dryer snake. Did not seem too dirty. i could not get the vent back on so husband came home while I was out and took his air compressor and "blew out" the vent and attached the vent back to the dryer.

I came home to the biggest mess you can imagine but the dryer is blowing much stronger outside than I ever remember. Dryer got very hot when I 1st turned it on but is already cold again. I have no snap cover on the front.


sounds like you may need a set of gas coils on your valve . I just returned from work and will get back to soon . thanks Bryan. ps could you get me model #?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for your help. model #417.59012890. It's 10 years old. should i invest to fix or better to replace? Lisa
gas coils are cheap and fairly easy tio install , if you can give me until a little later i will explain and tell you were to buy them. it 5:16 am and have to go to work for a bit. thanks Bryan
these are the gas coils . they just plug in. all you need to do is is remove front of dryer lift top by sticking screwdriver under top about 2-3 inches in and you will see clips push these in and kift up , take screws out holding front on and remove . be carefull not to pull wires on doorswitch and break switch. when you get it open you should see gas valve with the coils take the 2 screws out holding them down and replace coils. this should do the trick. here is picture of coils . if you have a locale parts dealer in area they should have them . if not call 1-800-540-0800 appliance parts center they will ship them right out .there great to work with.m-f 9-6pm sat.9-1 pm eastern time,hopr this helps and please leave feedback if possible . thanks Bryan Part 3449 these are around $30.00
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Bryan! You are a genius! I just got the coils put in tonight and it freakin works!!!!! I was also able to clean it out really good with the front off. How do I make sure that you are the one to answer my questions in the future? I will leave you positive feedback as soon as I figure out how! Thanks so much! Lisa Vance
you can request me when you need help, I'm glad you were able to repair your dryer. thanks and if you haven't already please leave some feedback its appreciated, thanks again Bryan