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Magic Chef refrigerator Model RC22KN - 3BW is leaking intermittently

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Magic Chef refrigerator Model RC22KN - 3BW is leaking intermittently from freezer side. Replaced ice maker, same problem. Defrosted unit and stopped for quite a while, now puddles appearing again. Arrgghh!!

Hi, thanks for using I suspect your defrost drain is plugged. It is located behind the rear panel (# XXXXX in attached picture) and dierectly below the evaporator. You will have to remove the panel to access it. A turkey baster works great to thaw and clean it out. Run some hot water through it and you should be in good shape.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will empty the freezer and test your suggestion in the morning. I had looked at the rear of the fridge and saw no access, now from your answer I see the rear panel on the inside of the freezer. If the hose is in fact plugged, I will accept your answer. Thanks for your prompt response.

You're welcome. Please, let me know what you find. I want to make sure we get your problem rectified. Good night...



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I replied once and pressed the ACCEPT button but nothing showed up on the website.

I found the drip tray in the freezer frozen solid, used steam to thaw it out and blow out the drip tube too the evaporator tray. I am sure that was the problem, thanks for the advise. The drip tube is fastened to the bottom of the fridge with the last two inches aiming uphill about 3/8" Is this normal? It allows some condensate to stay in the tube.

Thanks for you help, I am accepting your advise.

Good job on getting this thing leak free! The defrost water should be able to push itself up that slope, but if it freezes up again, you might cut that tube a bit. They slope it to keep the warm air from creeping up that tube and condensing causing freezing at the drain opening...