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This is my 3rd attempt at typing my question. My slide in electric

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This is my 3rd attempt at typing my question. My slide in electric electrolux wave control range won't turn on. Our electrician shortened the cable in the back of the stove so that it would fit closer to the back wall of the cabinet.   Electricity is in the outlet and connection but not to the stove. Is there a fuse in the back panel of the stove? My manual does not clarify this. Model Number EW30ES6CGB2.

Hi, thanks for using Looking at the wiring diagram, I see no fuse that would cause this to be dead. There are several boards in this unit that could be suspect. Is this unit new or did you just have the cord shortened? Was it working prior to that?



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

this is a brand new appliance--just one week old. There was a huge metal able in the back of the stove and the electrician shortened the cable--and the stove won't turn on.

Should we disconncect everything and start over???

I am beside myself with worry.

I would not disconnect anything, but call for Warranty Service. This is a tremendously complicated range to service, so I would not recommend going any further if the range is still under warranty. There are alot of electronic components in this range and if you have little understanding of how it works, you may cause more harm than good. Sorry, but I want to be totally forthcoming with you....

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Are you saying that the work done thus far could have sgort circuited the electronics somehow???
I am getting more worried by the minute.

I am not sure...if you had an electrician hook it up, you should be fine. The wiring to the outlet is pretty straight forward...there should have been no problems. You have a full one year parts and labor warranty, so you are covered either way.