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I have a Kenmore 22 bottom mount fridge, model ...

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I have a Kenmore 22'' bottom mount fridge, model 596.73214200, that is five years old. The freezer works fine, but the refrigerator section is warm. Today is Sunday, so I can''t call anyone. After looking at the parts list & manual, my guess is the damper is bad. Any way to repair this quickly?
hi this is you see any frost on back panel inside the freezer? are the fans running? if theres frost more than likely you have a defrost problem. let me know Bryan
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes, there is a light coating of frost on the back inside panel of the freezer and I have heard the fans running from time to time.
ok you need to remove rear panel in freezer and defrost ice with hair dryer . do you have tools to do this? you have a defrost problem and coils are clogged with frost behind panel. air cannot flow thats why your getting warmer, it will get worse if you dont defrost it. let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi, it looks like all I'll need is a 3/16 nutdriver to get the panel off. I will try your idea and if it works, I will accept the fix. Although we live in northern New Hampshire, we have had some very humid weather lately. This may be the cause. Either that, or my auto-defrost doesn't work anymore. Anyway, I will try it and let you know. Thanks!
when you get panel off let me know what it looks like.I think there 1/4" screws, I'm from Ma. so I know about humid, I think you just have a bad defrost thermostat. if you defrost it the ref. will run ok for about 3 weeks but you have to replace whatever is bad in ref. or this will happen again. let me know thanks Bryan.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi, I got the ice maker out and the back panel screws out (you are right--they are 1/4"), but I can't get the back panel out because I can't figure out how to get the two side rails for the drawer out and they interfere with getting the panel out. I will start with a hair dryer, though. You say you think it's the thermostat? That makes sense. Maybe I should call a pro on Monday. Sears so-called service hotline is wsorthless.
dont call sears anyway , they would charge you so much you would have a stroke. there ridicules for service. can you get hair dryer in there enough to defrost it? you have to get all the frost out for it to run right. can you see all the frost? you can usually get panel out without removing runners. look up in the middle where air comes out and you will see two little tabs that hold vent up for that plastic piece in middle.use a small scewdriver to push tabs over gently and remove. let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi, I got the panel out by bending it slightly. There's quite a bit of frost. I have an electric heater blowing on it now. I'm going to go ahead and click "accept" because I think you are correct--it needed to be defrosted. On Monday, I'll call a guy in Bethlehem, NH, who I'm told is real good on fridges and have him check out the thermostat. In meantime, I took all the freezer stuff down the road to a neighnbor's. I will leave the thing off until Monday. Thanks for all your help!
no problem , once you have it defrosted plug it back in so the thermostat will be cold and he can check it. please leave feedback if you havent already ,thanks Bryan