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I have a GE bottom Ref with a bottom freezer. It is ...

Resolved Question:

I have a GE bottom Ref with a bottom freezer. It is freezing up the evap coil and as a result the temp is rising from lost air flow. Also the evap fan will start making noise (i think the Ice is moving the fan housing as it builds up) It will defrost after a while but buy the time it does the frozen product is thawed. I instaled a new board a few weeks ago but still have the same problem. The modle # XXXXX The Serial# XXXXX XXXXX
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
did you get the board that comes with the instruction to cut the thermister wire in pin two of the j1 connector? all bottom freezers need this done . was your part # XXXXX? you have to eliminate thermistor on this model. let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to a1speedyappliance's Post: Did You get my reply e-mail?
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
I'll check I had to eat dinner.give me a minute. Bryan
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
no e-mail , just post you reply here ,thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
That is the correct model #. I have a mechincal temp control and there is no wire going to #2 of J1. The wires are as followsJ1/1=white    J1/2=no wire    J1/3=blue and white    J1/4=red and white    J1/5=brown    J1/6= no wire     J1/7=no wire    J1/8=brown     J1/9=no wire. I am a master hvac/r tech (Md. D.C. Va) I understand most of the stuff you send me. I do not have any tech info on this GE ref. i own this house but do not live in it ,I have a tenent in it. I have made sure they keep the door closed and the door gaskets etc are tight. There was no trap on the drain line just a corragated plastic tube with a cap with small slits in it. I made up a copper trap using copper street ells and attached it to the end of the tube just in case it is missing( I bought this ref off the floor out of box)The ice is thick on the left side of the evap but will cover the whole evap over time. What are the resistance value of the thermisters, maybe it is not going into defrost fast enough? Also shortly after I bought the ref GE replaced the same board under warrenty I think. I was not there but that is what it sounded like from my tenent. The guy left with the wiring info?
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
well thats funny thats what they tell us to do (all) bottom freezers I do alot of these and have the diagram in my hand but its the diagram they send us with board not your ref. diagram , anyway there are alot of thermistors in these ref. and I'm sure you know what they look like but the one that causes freezer to overfrost is the one in the freezer section, i had same problem with g.e. side by side and changed heater which was bad and had to go back and change the board after about 6 weeks he called back and said it was frosting again! i went back and finaly changed thermistor in freezer and that was about 4 months ago and he hasnt call back yet, I would try changing that its what senses freezer temp. and if its not working it will keep compressor running to cool freezer. it runs to long and builds up to much frost for defrost cycle to handle.let me know Bryan
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