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I have a whilpool duet front loading washer. We just ...

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I have a whilpool duet front loading washer. We just moved and the movers "locked" the washer prior to shipping in. When we arrived, I forgot to "unlock" it and tried to run a load. It sounded strage so I called the movers. The told me to remove the four bolts in the back of the washer. I took them out but it still sounds strage (as though it''s working hard to cycle). Are the four bolts all that needs removed? Is it possible that I damaged the washer trying to run a load while it was "locked?" It only ran for about five minutes.
Good afternoon, thanks for your question. There are the four shipping bolts in back and if they are removed you should be good to go. I doubt that you damaged anything. Is the noise primarily when it is tumbling or draining/spinning? Are you sure nothing is stuck between the door bellow and the drum causing the laboring? The bellow is the rubber gray boot in the front of the machine. Occasionally clothing articles will get down there and wreak havoc. Can you get me model # XXXXX we will run the diagnostics and see what happens...Kelly
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thanks for the quick and friendly response. I've posted positive feedback and will add a little bonus. I was a little leery of the site at first.

Any way, the washer is a Duet model GHW9150PW4. There is nothing caught in the bellow and the machine is fairly new. The sound is mostly when the drum is spinning during the spin cycle. The faster it spins the more it sounds like a jet airplane (sort of a high pitch whine at high speed). It may have done it before too but I don't remember. It seems to be able to get to full speed and I haven't noticed any smell (like the motor is over heating) but I want to be sure I'm not screwing up my wife's new washer.


Hey Ryan, from what you describe, it sounds like your rear bearing is getting noisy. The bearing is located at the rear of the tub and is not replaceable by itself. The entire rear drum gets replaced. The good news is that most of the 9150's have a 10 year warranty on that tub. You can go to and click on Warranty Summary Guide, enter your model and serial # XXXXX as printed on your machine and it will tell you what warranty you have. It can also be found in your owners manual if you have it. The labor won't be covered if more than 1 year old, but at most that would run you about $150-200. Kepp me posted....thanks! Kelly

I also was skeptical of this site when I first came across it, but there are some very knowledgeable techs here!!