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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Whirlpool Gas Range model GS465LEK (s). Great range & ...

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Whirlpool Gas Range model GS465LEK (s). Great range & oven since 1992. But all electronic display and controls went dark overnight! No timer, oven control, clock, etc. Oven light does not work. Stove top gas burners DO turn on O.K. Electric outlet does have power, no circuit breaker thrown. No other power outage in the house. Is there a simple fix, such as a blown fuse on the range?
well it could be an internal thermostat or a bad wire on range cord, seen that more than once. let me check your model and get back to you. thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to a1speedyappliance's Post: The year of purchase was actually 2002,not 1992 as I put in my question.
no problem still checking model, Bryan
ok I'm back , well after going over your range i'm begining to lean in one of three directions, 1 is power cord to oven is burned where it connects to board . 2 there is a fuse in unit that connects to control board but I'm not sure this would have anything to do with oven light. check your bulb. 3 it may be bad power supply. I'm giving you this link you can pull up diagrams of your range. on the side bar click control panel and look at part #s (15) fuse (16) power supply. one of these may be your problem. please press accept if your happy with answer. also please leave feedback its importent. thanks again Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to a1speedyappliance's Post: Thanks for your suggestions, Bryan. Could you confirm my reasoning to this point?

So far I can confirm that 1) I do have power (at least circuit continuity) from the power cord tongs to the power input at the power supply board. That should eliminate option 1 from your suggestions. 2) I have circuit continuity in all six lines coming off the power supply, including the (brown)one with the fuse. That means the fuse is good, and option 2 can be eliminated. (BTW, I think the oven light works only when the oven is on, so that piece of evidence may be a red herring.) Option 3, bad power supply, seems to be the remaining choice, but I have no idea how to test that directly. There is no evidence of melting, charring, or other external anomolies. Is your advice now to replace the whole power supply unit?
Thanks, again.
Hey paul. I just got up I'll have somr coffee and wake up a bit and get back to you thanks Bryan
well the power board would be my guess, its hard to say without being there. the problem is if you replace it and it doesn't work your back to square one. I've had this happen before myself , not that oven but other machines , it hurts to make mistakes because you end up spending money for nothing . if you realy like the oven I would call service man at this point let him make mistakes (wont cost you for parts that don't fix) these are difficult enough to diagnose for us when we are there never mind over the net. good luck, wish I could do more.let me know thanks again Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for your considered and professional advice. At this point, you have increased the odds greatly to have identified the probable problem without an onsite visit from a service technician. I will take a chance and order a new power board. If that doesn't work, I will gladly pay a technician to diagnose and fix the problem! (What else could it be?? Do you make house calls in the Chicago area?) Either way, I'll be back in touch and let you know what the problem turned out to be.
Thanks again!
Sorry it would cost me $500.00 in gas to go to chicago I live in tn. i truly hope this works for you good luck. these machines are a nightmare even for us techs. to many eletronics! I dont know anything else it could be, thanks so much, let me know , Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi, Bryan,
Now, for the rest of the story . . .
I did get the power supply, but when I installed it, the touch contol panel failed to light up. The transformer got very hot, however, so I shut off the power, put back the defective power supply, and called in a Whirlpool technician. He replaced the computer (Range Control) module AND the power supply. Both had failed. Which was the cause and which was the victim is unknown. While he was working on the range he did a bunch of other checks, of course, that I do not have the skill to do.

So, thanks so much for your patience and skill. You were right that the power supply had failed, but the main computer had failed also. Needless to say, I now have a surge protector in the line from the outlet to the oven!

Thanks again!