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I have a Maytag Quiet series 300 dishwasher and the Watre ...

Customer Question

I have a Maytag Quiet series 300 dishwasher and the Watre pump is not spinning in the bottom of the washer. I took it apart and everything seems to be free and clear. It seems the pump may not be getting the signal to turn on. Any Suggestions ?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Kelly replied 9 years ago.
Good morning! I initially suspect that there is a problem with the door switches located at the handle/latch assembly. Also, where the 120 VAC comes into the unit is a common trouble spot. You can check the wires coming into the dishwasher looking for burnt wires/connectors behind the front panel on the RH side, inside a small metal box. Let me know what you find and we can try some other things... Kelly
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Town 's Post: I don' think that is it. Everything works except their is no water being spun within the Dishwasher. The Timers and all cycles work, just no water spinning. The Tub fills up with Water So I know Water is available.
Expert:  Kelly replied 9 years ago.
Can you hear the motor trying to start at all, like a humming noise? It is possible that the recirculation impeller is broken and unable to move water which is fairly common but the motor would run if that is the case. If you are getting no noise at all, you could have a wiring issue. Some of the 300 series Maytag machines had a recall involving the rinse aid dispensers leaking and corroding wires directly under the dispenser between the door panels. You can remove all of the T15 torx screws from the plastic door and see if perhaps this is the case. If you can provide the complete model and serial #'s I can check to see if your machine was involved in the recall. Kelly
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I will see if I can get the full model.
Expert:  Kelly replied 9 years ago.
Okay, thanks. Kelly
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No answer was correcting my issue. I am probably just going to buy a new one.
Expert:  Kelly replied 9 years ago.

If you provide more info I can help you diagnose this one. I have only limited information that you you have the model number? If you are not interested in getting this one going, that's OK. I just want to make sure you don't think it is a failure on our part that your dishwasher is still not working.