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Experience:  Worked at Ward's for many years...Have worked at Hobart reciently. Factory trained technician.
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I have a 10 yr. old Jenn Air Side by side model # XXXXX ...

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I have a 10 yr. old Jenn Air Side by side model # XXXXX & serial # XXXXX that needs a new freezer door. When you take the panel off on the outside of the freezer, the plastic is melted therefore letting air into the shoot & creating frost & ice to form on a continual basis. The repairman has never seen anything like it. There is now duct tape covering the hole & it has solved the problem but I cannot use the outside of the door to get ice, water etc. I''m sure a new freezer door is quite pricey. Any suggestions as to whether or not to fix it? I don't know what it is worth but I have $550 invested in it already as it was used when I purchased it 2 months ago & the store will not give a refund & will not honor the store warranty. I just had an adaptive defrost part installed before I knew about the door. Is it time for BB Bureau?


Thanks for using Just Answer. I'm George. The other experts and I are working on your question.

A while back maytag/jenn air had repair kit for the Ice and water dispenser. But if you need a freezer door. Yes it is pricey. about $350.00 or so. The Kit was about $250.00

It's my opinion that if you bought it used the store should at least repair it for you. You to spend 550. was a bit outrageous. This is a job you couldn't fix at all yourself. You need an appliance repair tech for that. It is no easy job.

I would talk with the store manager. Don't even bother with the employees. If it is a chain. Talk to the highest manager you can. If the results you get are unsatisfactory The BBB might be a good choice for you.

There are other options you could presue as well. But you'll need legal advice for that.

I hope it works out for you.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have been dealing with the owner all along as it is a family owned business. Will the kit solve the problem? She has another fridge, Maytag side by side, probably the same age as it looks exactly the same as my Jenn Air, that she doesn't really want to trade me as she says Maytag isn't any good. Always needs repair. Is this true? Could the door be changed with another Maytag the same size or will it have the same problem?


Well Maytag and Jenn Air are the same company. In the past from my experience I did repair maytag, But compared to how many out there is very few. The ones I repaired frequently was and still is GE. Maytag brands are ok. You can also check and even place a complaint on line at You can obtain their toll free number there as well. There are always higher end models out there. It always boils down to what you can afford and then with proper maintaince it will last for years. Sadly yours wasn't maintained that well by the person who had it before you. But that is always a gamble with a used appliance versus a new one.

As far as saying maytag isn't any good. I've always had good luck with them.

As tar as the dispenser kit goes they at the dealer ship should be able to obtain it for you. It is called a dispenser kit. I have done many in the homes and the door should not have to come off the unit. It is quite a job. It usually took me around two hours on the average. As far as swapping the door.....Risky if it is not the same model and series number. (that is the first two numbers of the serial number.) Even if it were of the same dimensions. You may have electrical in the door to deal with and so on. I'd stay with what is recommended by the manufacture.

This kit was designed because at the time the heat wiring on back of the ice dispenser got way to HOT and burned a hole into the freezer section. The heat wiring is supposed to keep the ice chute from icing up nothing more. It never should get hot.

About 8--10 Years ago I probably replaced around 250 of those kits. The kits were a good repair. No problems after that.


PS, Thanks for accepting my answer. You can always reply back to this post if you have any further questions. I always check my post in the evenings since I'm on the west coast there may be a time difference.. I'm doing projects on my house this weekend, But I always do check. I'd never leave anyone hanging. Sounds like they may work with you after all. I hope they take care of you. Refering to the dealer that is.