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My cloths are taking way too long to dry and not ...

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My cloths are taking way too long to dry and not really producing lint in the lint catcher( only some at the bottom of the screen) moisture is present every where. There is heat present. Once amonth I pull out the dryer looking for the lint and find very little. I even take off the back of the dryer, no lint. The hose is not blocked or pinched, no holes. Unfortunately the lint is suppose to go up through the roof. When I stick a metal coat hanger up there,,,I don''t get lint
Well, it sounds like you have an airflow issue, for sure. The most common culprit, especially on roof mounted vents is the bird guard that comes with the vent. It is a small metal screen that is used to keep the birds from entering the vent. However, in keeping the birds out, it also keeps the hot, moist air in. You may not see any lint in the vent line but I would imagine that if you climbed on the roof and peeked at the vent outlet you will see this screen. Do not delay in taking care of this problem as it is VERY hard on your machine, costly in electricitry usage and potentially hazardous due to the high temps and lint buildup. Also, if you can see down in the lint filter housing, clean that out real well, too. Definitely is an air flow issue though so don't buy any parts until you check out the vent cap! Turning the dryer on before going up is an easy way to air...big problem. Good luck and be careful on the roof! ;-) Kelly
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Thank you very much. If you have any other questions, please let me know! Kelly