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kelvinator refer built Aug. 1944. runs butwont ...

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kelvinator refer built Aug. 1944. runs butwon''t cycle. I rewired it becausw the old wiring was crumbling away. Gets down to 15 degress in fridge in about an hour. Compressor gets pretty hot. The thermostat has an off position that turns off the lights but does not seem to effect the compressor. I thinkI put the wiring back correctly but not positive. Thermostat?
Hi is Bryan , sounds like cold control is bad, thats the thermostat. do you have a meter. if you do with ref. cold but not plugged in take wires off cold control and test continuity while turning cold control down slowly see if you lose continuity before you get to off. if its 15 degrees it shouldnt even have continuity . if it does replace cold control. you may not find original control but they make universal ones you can use. hope this helps Bryan
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes I have meter. I will check. All the wiring goes into one block. Ther might be a relay or starter under terminals. I think I hear it click inside when i turn it on. There are three wires going to compressor. Red White Black. When I turn on power with black wire not on block, I get 110V off the black wire. Is that right?
are you talking about main terminal block? white is usually common , red should be run black should be start i think. there are start windings in compressor and run windings , its hard to say with such an old machine whether you have it wired right or not. you may have power going to run all the time if you wire wrong, do the control test before trying anything else. the thermostat shuts power of to compressor once its cold enough so I think that may be your trouble. did you replace wires one at a time? if you did then you probably have it wired right. let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to a1speedyappliance's Post: yep, there is only one terminal block it is a pretty simple machine. no ground. black and white to lights and black and white to thermostat.
I'm not familiar with compressor wiring. I tried to do it one wire at a time but I could have screwed up something. I wish I could get a diagram.I put new cord on it and grounded it to the frame.
It is in awesome good condition. I would really like to get it right.Even original bulbs,(or at least very old)no chips in finish.Very nice. Made when things were built to last.
Thanks for your help.
Bob T.
you bet they were made back then. I believe you have a bad cold control. if it sat without running for awhile the controls sometime get corrodid and get stuck . you realy have to replace it though there is no way to clean . good luck and let me know if I can help further. thanks again Bryan , if you would please leave feedback they rate us by them.thanks again Bryan