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compressor kicks on and off

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I have a Whirlpool Gold fridge that won't cool. The model number is XXXXX a GS5HAXNB00 or GS5SHAXNB. Those are the 2 numbers that are on the fridge.
I can hear the relay click on and the compressor starts but stays on only a few seconds and shuts off. It then repeats the same sequence but never stays on long enough to cool. Could it be the relay or possibly the overload protector? Anyway to check this out?
whirlpool golds are famous for bad relays, is it a white relay on yours ? how old is it? you can try changing relay and overload asm. that should take care of it, but if it does the same thing you have a compressor problem. if its under five years old the compressor should be under warranty, but not relay. hope this helps Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your help. You reaffirmed what I was also thinking but I had to confirm it with an expert. The first website I came across was one that tried to sell me the parts inside the component. Well. they were the wrong parts. Second site was and they had the whole unit for $33 less than the other people. I pulled out the old unit,swapped the cap out, reinstalled it, and now my wife is a happy camper again. I'm saving your mail so next time I have a problem with the appliances, I'll be able to get just you. Many thanks and I appreciate it.

Ray Green

P.S The extended warranty people deemed it a lemon and gave me $735 to buy out the remaining time on the contract. It cost me a total of $43 to fix it! I finally won something!