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I have Kenmore 21 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator.

Customer Question

I have Kenmore 21" Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Although the manual they supplied does not list this exact model number, the model number inside the unit is 596.XXXXXXXXX. I noticed the other day that the refrigerator is not as cold as it should be and it has gotten worse to the point that the refrigerator section is barely cool at all. The freezer, however, is working fine. I have both set to the same (6) and have changed the setting a few times thinking perhaps I bumped the knob... no change. I have no visable frost anywhere and I have vacuumed our the vent at the bottom. I am lost as to how the freezer can be fine and refrigerator almost warm. Any ideas?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
hi this is bryan ,well it could be a number of things , one , ist fan running in freezer? two, have you taken back panel off freezer to make sure thers no frost behind panel? three, do you feel any air flow from freezer to ref. section ? let me know and I'll try to help, also make sure fan in back of ref. is running. thank Bryan
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Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
I have to go to work for a bit, I'll be back in a couple of hours , check behind rear panel in freezer I think thats where your trouble is. thanks talk to you in a little while. Byran
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Bryan. Sorry for the delay. I am in my office and need to get back home this evening to check. I appreciate the answer, now to see if I can fiqure out how to check the back of the freezer. I will respond as soon as I look. Thanks!
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
okay I'll wait till tonight talk to you then Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Bryan. Well, I believe the problem was "frost related" as you suggested. A friend also told me he had a similar problem once where the unit "froze up" with results like this. Using some of what you said as a guide, I used a different approach. I moved all the frozen food to a chest freezer I had and since all I had in the refrigerator were items that won't spoil (soda, etc.) I pulled the plug on the unit overnight in an attempt to "melt away" any issues. This morning, I plugged it back in and when I left the house an hour later, the refrigerator did have a flow of cold air coming in, which it didn't before. SO, unless something goes wrong I BELIEVE it was frost or something frozen stopping air flow to the refrigerator and it's ok now. Thanks!
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
if you defrosted it and it works thats great but will happen again in about two to three weeks maybe less . when you get time I'll go over possible causes , let me know. Bryan