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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Maytag front load washer problems

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Maytag Neptune front load washer Wouldn't spin. I was told to check the door lock. I was able to get it to spin by wedging the switch so I ordered a wax motor but it did not solve problem, so I just left the switch wedged and put the washer back in service. Worked fine but the ON light stayed lit. That was last week.

Now it will not stay running at all. It is full of water but but when the start button is pushed it will sound like it is going to go but 1-2 seconds and it cuts out again. What do you think?

you may have a bad control board. its in the head were your control buttons are, open up the control pannel and take a look at board. you may see a burnt diode next to a relay. maytag neptunes are famous for this, if you replace board get a new wax motor also , you may have damaged the one you put in. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for the tip!
No sign of any burnt diodes. I can here a clicking noise when I push the start button then another click when it shuts off. Any other suggestions. I hate to buy parts just to fingd out it wasn't the problem.....been there, done that.
Hey Happy Independence Day.
happy 4th to you also , I know what you mean about buying parts you dont need even as a tech I've done that! to complicated now days, do you have a meter? If you dont see any bad diodes chances are your board is good although you still may have a bad relay on it. if you have a meter i would check door switch. boy I just dont know wether you damaged board by wedging door switch. you may have burnt the relay contacts on board its hard to say, is the clicking sound comming from the board or somewhere else? let me know. Bryan
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Bryan,
The click is coming from one of the two larger boxes on the right hand side of the control board; clicks once when it starts then again in about 2 seconds when it shuts down.
On the original door latch problem I'm thinking there must be another issue other than just the wax motor because when I replaced that it did not solve the spincycle not working (that's why I did the wedge job)
Anyway what do you think? My housekeepers are ready for me to get this baby rolling again!
hi Tony. it sounds like one of the contacts in relay is not staying engaged. in my opinion its the board, but I would replace wax motor again if you change board. its hard to be 100% sure over the internet though. the way I see it you may have damaged new wax motor by wedging switch. let me know. Bryan, p.s. before you buy anything what is model #?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Hello again,
Model no MAH3000AWW
Serial no 25141980VQ
Sorry to be so long winded but fyi;
I pushed the latch switch closed before I ordered a new motor just to test the diagnosis. Then when I installed the new motor and it did not solve the original problem that's when I wedged it. Could there be an original malfunction that we might be overlooking?
How old do you figure this machine is? I bought it a few months ago for about $200.
Thanks for the help.

I dont know if i can get age but let me check model. it probably did have a problem before you changed motor, hang in there i"ll be back. Bryan
well the only thing I can come up with is your board, I wish I could do more but most times its the board , tell me when you put it in spin does door lock? if not I think its your board , if it locks but wont spin check your pump and make sure its draining. thats all I can come up with. the board is expensive though and you may need to change wax motor again, maybe not but you may damage new board if you dont, wish I had something else to check but just dont know what else, 90% of time its board. hope this helps. Bryan (feedback is always appreciated)
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