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How do you remove the dryer drum from a Frigidaire Laundry ...

Customer Question

How do you remove the dryer drum from a Frigidaire Laundry Center LCE752L-l-3? Something is rattling around inside. Also, the belt looks like it could use changing.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.

Hi this is Bryan, I think I know whats rattling inside your dryer. there is probably a coin or coins inside baffles of your dryer drum. those are the fins that move your clothes around in drum. I'll look up dryer model and let you know how to take apart. is this a stack unit? if it is you need to take top off and you will see the screws that hold baffles on drum there should be three screws per baffle. remove and clean you will find balls of lint also perfectly round! I'll get back to you on belt in a few minutes . thanks Bryan

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Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
I'm back , it looks like you might have a job on your hands to change belt, you have to remove top, and front asm. including control panel. this can be tricky for average person but you can probably do it, i'm including a link so you can look at your machine breakdown this link and put in your model. get back to me when you get a look. thanks Bryan
Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
do you still need help taking machine apart to change belt ? let me know Bryan.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Thanks for the link that shows the diagram.

This is a stacked unit. Unfortunately, it's in a tiny laundry room that was probably a pantry before. For the belt, I guess I'll wait till it breaks before I tackle that.

I think you're right about coin(s) in baffle(s). If I turn the drum by hand, the rattle seems to come from the baffles. But I didn't know how to get them off.


Expert:  Bryan replied 9 years ago.
no problem thanks for using just answer. if you need further assistance just ask. thanks again Bryan (p.s. feedback is appreciated.)