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We were given an older model Jenn-Air single oven (NOT a ...

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We were given an older model Jenn-Air single oven (NOT a cooktop/oven combo) model # XXXXX (it is a convection oven & regular). We pulled out our old oven (Whirlpool) to install the Jenn-Air and the wiring is a different size. The wires for the old oven are larger than the Jenn-Air. In other words, the black wire on the Jenn-Air (oven to install) is smaller than the black wire in the wall as well as smaller than the black wire on the old oven. The same is true for the red wire, the white wire and the ground. Is this a problem? We didn''t install out of concern, but I miss having an oven. Can you help, please????? Thank you


The larger wires were for a unit that operates on a higher amperage than the unit you are installing. The biggest concern arises when the unit you are installing decides to have a problem, and the breaker that is presently installed does not trip as soon as it should.

What you need to do is look on the unit you are installings' manufacturers tag and find out what the amperage rating is and then compare it to the breaker that is presently installed. Most likely there will not be a problem.

If you like please post this information and I will be able to tell you if they are a go, or a no go.

Best; THS

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to The Home Smithy's Post: Hi THS! Thank you so much for your reply! I checked the tag on the Jenn-Aire and here is what I found. It has 120/240 with 3.6 KW underneath it and then to the right of those two sets of numbers it has 120/208 V with 2.7 KW underneath. My oven is so old that almost everything has been rubbed away. All I could read was a 5.8 and a 4.4 and RGE1600 P as well as MK 93377521 (it is approximately 28 1/2 years old if that is any help, lol, but it still works!) The breaker switch is one of the dual switches at the top, and there are two "40" sticker on the switch. When we moved into the house, the oven and stove (not one unit, but two separate appliances) would not work at the same time. We had an electrician come out to the house and they had been wired together. The wires were frying in the wall! He put them on separate breakers. Don't know if that is of any help. Is there any other information I can give you to help?

Well the 40 amp breaker is twice what you need to operate the unit.

I would have an electricXXXXX XXXXXe it to a 20 amp breaker, and put the other 40 amp to a single pole 40amp breaker. (eg:20 amp for the new unit and 40 amp for the other unit if you are going to still have one. If not just replace the dual pole with the 20 amp). Considering that the wires were getting fried in the wall it would probably be a good idea to change them to the proper guage at the same time you change the breaker.

Of course you could just hook it up as is and not have a problem. But if it were me I would definatly do the change. If anything just for the peace of mind.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much! We shall have an electrician make the necessary changes and have him install as a precaution. Regarding the fried wires, those were replaced immediately 28 1/2 years ago by the electrician who discovered them.

LOL ok.

Thank you for accepting. And the nice bonus also.

Enjoy your new oven. Nothing better than convection cooking.

Best regards; The HOme Smithy