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I have a GE refrigerator, a recent power line spike fried ...

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I have a GE refrigerator, a recent power line spike fried the icemaker. I''ve replaced the icemaker (the part that holds the cubes - I disassembled this and it was obviously burnt) and it still does not work. It seems to operate (e.g., rotate, arms move, etc...) but no water runs into the icemaker. I''ve checked the water from my supply to the water inlet valve and its fine. One wire (white) goes from the icemaker to the water inlet valve (I''m assuming a low DC voltage) and the other wire (orange) seems to go to the pan (or some component that''s attached to the pan) in the bottom of the refrigerator. Is it possible that the valve is faulty and/or is it possible that the ''orange wire'' is not grounded through the component connected to the pan. An aside, when the power fried the icemaker assembly, alot of water found its way into the pan under the refrigerator. Could I ''temporarily'' ground the ''orange'' wire to test the valve''s solenoid? Thanks. John


I will be happy to help you out. Can I get the model number to your fridge?

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to MrBill's Post: GTS22ZCMARWW


It is possible that the water valve has gone bad. This valve runs off 120vac. If you have a way to hook up voltage to the valve this will tell you if the valve is bad. Hook power up to it and water should go to the icemaker. If you hook 120 volts to the valve and no water, bad valve.

Being that you already replaced the icemaker, we can eliminate this as being bad. If the valve is good, check for burnt wire ends or loose connections. If that all looks good, then the problem lies in the control board on the back of the fridge.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Thanks Again for using!


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