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Moved our Amana freezer it was laid down on back for ...

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Moved our Amana freezer it was laid down on back for a short while 1 hour. We plugged it in and it got very cold within 1 hour. I tried to clean inside but my wet cloth stuck to cold shelves so I unplugged it for 1 hour , proceeded toclean it, then plugged it in again afteer putting 10 lbs of frozen good in side. It did not freeze anything. Compressor runs continuosly but no cool at all...Left unplugged for 24 hours, no cool even after 6 hours. Now unplugged since yesterday..No abuse,nothing bumped..What can I do???

HI robert,

Thank you for using Just Answer.

Is this model a frost free model or an manual defrost model?

How old is this freezer?

Please post the model number so that we can see what you are looking at and give specifics.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bernard S.'s Post: Amana upright freezer about 15 years old maybe older excellent condition never any frost in it but do not know for sure frost free...model# XXXXX AU18 ser#c1651495

Hi Robert,

This model (at least the diagram that is shown for it) is not a frost free model. If it were a problem with the frost free system then repair of this would be reccommend and manageable.

You can check to be sure that the fan in the back is turning. If so, replacement of the fan would also be feasible.

However, if the compressor is warm to hot and the fan is running the repair is likey major and would involve either a new compressor and/or replacing the coolant (which from 15 years ago may not be available to you or a servicer).

Freezer is running but not freezing at all. This is most commonly a system problem, compressor, system leak, restriction. Usually big $$$.

A new freezer will be much more energy efficient and in several years will save you enough money to pay for itself (in the money you would have spent on electricity just running this one)!

We see this when a customer moves an older freezer or refrigerator (even if it's across the room to another wall). I'm sorry to have to tell you this. However, a repair servicer in your house would tell you the same.


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