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Using a GE side/side 03 When the fridge is opened ...

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Using a GE side/side '03: When the fridge is opened the light comes on and there is no noise. That's good, but when the door is closed and the light goes out..... noise noise noise & getting louder sometimes. Thoughts ?? Compressor ?? Thermostat ?? Help Help <smile>


I will be happy to help you out. Can I get the model number to your fridge? Also, can you check the rear panel on the inside of the freezer, look for any frost or ice build up on the panel. One more thing to check for me, the flap where the ice comes through the door, check to make sure that it is completely closed.

Let me know what you find and we can go from there.

Thanks for using!


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
#1:    Model #PSH236PA BS

#2:    Fine, no problem

#3:    The flap...... works fine

The only noise we hear is general noise. Open the fridge door and the noise goes away.   Close it and the light goes out and the noise starts again.


It sounds like you may have an issue with the freezer fan. The fan blades could be loose on the motor shaft, a blade could be broken off, the blades could be rubbing something. The fan will shut off when you open the door on this model. That is more than likely why the noise stops when you open the door.

I would look to remove the inside rear panel of the freezer and investigate the fan.

Once you have access to the fan, hold in the light switch with your and see if you can identify the source of the noise.

Let me know what you find.



MrBill and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Well here we go..... a big thank you! XXXXX can not investigate the fan. I am disabled (double leg amputee) and can not get around too much with it. Sorry <sigh> BUT....... it was very help full for me with your answers. I will have the homeowner insurance take over with it. I don't want to get burnt with them and your answers make me think <smile!>

Again..... thank you!


Thanks for using! Good Luck with your repair.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks for the Bonus!

Have a good night,