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We have a model MTB1954AWR Maytag Refrigerator. Water drips ...

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We have a model MTB1954AWR Maytag Refrigerator. Water drips intermittantly from the inside of the box onto the floor. I suspect it comes from the freezer. I emptied the freezer and removed the back panel and cleaned everything That part looks good to me. Do I need to remove the grill from the top of the refrig box and clean in there? What do you think? I am very handy mechanically, but I will need instructions to do that. Thanks in advance for your help!
it sounds like your defrost drain is clogged. is it a side by side? didnt have a chance to check model # XXXXX if it is check down the very bottom of freezer in back you will see a drain hole in the middle , it may be covered by back panel. check and see if its frozen, if not make sure by running a piece of wire or something down it. let me know . thanks Bryan
I checked your model and found its a top freezer, it probably is a clogged drain anyway. if you take the back panel off again and check drain its probably not draining. take some very hot water and pour down the hole underneath coils if it dosnt go down after a few times (soak water up between times) then run wire down hole . also look underneath in ref. section sometime theres a drain cup that gets full of crap. let me know. Bryan
I looked at your ref. agian and that ref. has a drain that runs through your control assm. inside ref. section , you can unplug ref. then you will see 1/4 " screws holding up your controls. remove screws and let the control panel come down then pull foward slightly and you will see in the backa hole where your defrost goes out the back of ref. . clean cup water goes into and check line going down back of re. for obstruction. put back together and that should solve your problem.go to for diagram of ref. thanks Bryan
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