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Maytag fridge buzzes whenever compressor is running. Cools ...

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Maytag fridge buzzes whenever compressor is running. Cools fine and has been doing this since new about 2.5 years ago.


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The buzzing could be a number of things.

Try to get behind the refrigerator while the compressor is running. The compressor has a vibration that can cause another component in the back to buzz. Sometimes you can isolate what this is and find a bit of foam to wrap it with that will either eliminate the noise or reduce it. It could be a coolant tube, a waterline, a board or any item there.

If the buzzing is coming directly from the compressor this can be normal for this compressor and/or slightly out of specification. In this case there is little you can do at this time. During the first year if you pursued it with the manufacturer you might have gotten them to resolve it (provided they agreed with you that it was louder than what should have been expected from the refrigerator). During that first year they fully cover the entire refrigerator for "manufacturer defects" and you would have had a argument in stating that it was a manufacturer defect. However, unless the compressor were to fail now it is unlikely that you would get them to replace the compressor at this time.

Another surprising place you might find this buzz could be an knick-knack or small item that is actually in your house! Sometimes the vibration of the compressor will cause synchronize with a small item that might cause a buzzing sound on a counter or in a cabinet. We have seen this happen.

Let me know how you make out.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bernard S.'s Post: I should have mentioned that when I hold the compressor the noise will stop or quiet down. I cannot isolate exactly what is causing the noise since it doesn't appear to be the compressor itself - just that the compressor's vibration is causing it. I see no other access panels to remove in order to find exactly what's vibrating. Any ideas? Thanks.


We've seen tubing that was connected to the compressor cause a buzzing sound. You would have to try to follow up the tubing and maybe try wrapping different pieces to see if that helps.

Also, another expert has found that using a 3' piece of hose as a stethoscope will allow you to pinpoint exactly where this buzzing is coming from.

If you would like to send me the model number I will see if I can find you some diagrams that will allow access to more of the inside.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bernard S.'s Post: Bernie - diagrams would be VERY helpful since I can see no access panels available other than the one which covers the compressor. Maytag model MSD2651HES.



Diagrams are available here -

If you remove the panel in the freezer, you may be able to get to what you need to get to from there. If you can find the guilty party, you should be able to alleviate it by wrapping a bit of foam insulation around a part of it. Do not wrap the evaporator coils themselves. Try just a small piece around what ever is hitting.

The key is to not force anything. If a panel or area does not come apart with minimal exertion then you are probably missing a screw and/or clip.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Bernard - thanks! sorry it took so long to reply. Many relatives in the house...


Your welcome and Thank You!

Did you locate the buzzing sound? I hope you were able to eliminate it.