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My maytag atlanis washer #MAV7600AWW wont go ...

Resolved Question:

My maytag atlanis washer #MAV7600AWW won''t go into the spin cycle. When it does it makes a loud sound like grinding, like when a bearing is out or something. It tries then stops and the tub is then locked and you can''t turn it, like it is jammed.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  MrBill replied 9 years ago.


There are going to be a couple things you have to check. Without hearing the sound myself, the first thing I would check is the pump. Make sure there is nothing jamming it up. Something in it, or its bearings are bad. How to check, take the belt off the bottom of the machine and spin the small pulley in the rear from underneath. You should be able to freely spin the pulley to the pump.

The tub has a brake on it, So you shouldn't be able to spin it by hand. Though possible, but VERY difficult.

Another thing that maybe going bad on the machine is the thrust bearings. This is the cam mechanism that releases the brake so the tub will spin. When they go bad it sounds like you stuck a pencil in a fan blade.

But it sounds like from the way you describe it the motor is shutting off and has to cool down before it will start. I would check the pump.

I hope this helps you out. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. You can still ask me questions about your machine after you press the accept button.

Thanks for using!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I will try the pump and the cam mechanism. Then let you know if that corrected the problem. Do I get charged more if I accept and need more questions.? Because these may not be the answer to the problem. Thanks
Expert:  MrBill replied 9 years ago.


If you press accept now, you won't have to pay again for this conversation. And we can work on finding out what is wrong with your machine.

Thanks again for using!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I won't have to pay for "This conversation" again. But what about further questions when the ones given aren't the problem...Do I pay each time I ask a question or have a conversation getting to the bottom of this.
Expert:  MrBill replied 9 years ago.


Getting to the bottom of your problem. Not every time you ask a question reguarding this problem.



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