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Bernard S.
Bernard S., HD TV, Large Appliance Sales
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my washing machine is leaking

Resolved Question:

the leak is coming from the underneath on the right.its coming from a white seal at the end of a pipe.can we repair it ourselves?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bernard S. replied 9 years ago.

Hi tracy,

Thank you for using Just Answer. I'm sorry that you are having a problem with your washer.

Yes, you may be able to do the repair. We need to know details about this leak so that we can advise you best on the repair.

Please post the model number which you may find when you open the door and look for a sticker on the machine where the door seals with the machine.

Where exactly is this "white seal" and pipe? Have you already taken the cabinet off of the washer?

Do you have tools and any experience doing repairs?

Let me know and we will help get it done for you.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Bernard S.'s Post: the model is hotpoint aquarius extra the number is XXXXX found the leak underneath by tilting it up.the pipe is a flexible thick black tube with a white clip on the looks like the clip is broken or snapped
Expert:  Bernard S. replied 9 years ago.

Hi tracy,

The the thick black tube is attached to the pump. You may have something in there that can cause damage to the pump. You should remove the rubber boot and look for any kind of obstruction. Be ready for more water to come out!

If you see any broken parts that belong to the pump you will need to replace the pump itself. This job is more involved.

However, if you don't find anything broken (except maybe a small toy that got in there) and you either remove the obstruction and/or find there is none.... then all you seem to need a another clip. You can use a large auto water hose clamp if you have one of those.