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The water dispenser is not working. Side by Side, Hotpoint ...

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The water dispenser is not working. Side by Side, Hotpoint water and Ice dispenser on the freezer door. I replaced the intake solenoid twice and replaced the ice maker assembly recently. Ice works fine- no water. The water worked for a short time after I replacedf the rear intake solenoid each time. I hear the solenoid in the rear click "on and off". I removed the motherboard and "press bar"(?) for inspection and found no apparent problem. WHAT NEXT?
Even though you here a click does not mean the solonoide is working
Take the water line off of the solonoide and press the button and see if there's water coming out
If not the solonoide could be pluget with debris if you don't have a filter before it I would put one in
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Glenn: Thanks for the hlep. As it turns out, the water line was frozen inside the door. It is a common problem with the dispenser in the freezer door with GE and Hotpoint and Whirlpool and possibly others. I found a blog online about the problem, with very clever solutions, including weed wacker line. My solution was to turn on the light at the dispenser and block the opening to retain the heat from the bulb. After 10 minutes, the ice had melted from inside the spout. The ice jamb was about 4" inside the spout. I then taped some insulation onto the back of the dispenser compartment (yesterday's newspaper). I flushed the line with 20 glasses of water, twice. So far, so good. Apparently this problem is common with 2004 models. I suspect that water drips into the inside of the door from the dispenser compartment and compromises the insulation around the plastic tubing. A poor design. GE now makes a dispenser heater to solve the problem. My newspaper solution works okay for now. I can read the sports section while I am selecting popsicles and frozen waffles. Life is good.