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GE Model TBX18LYDGRWW is leaking water. I suspect its the ...

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GE Model TBX18LYDGRWW is leaking water. I suspect its the drain, but I can not find the drain tube

Hello Dan,

Is the water appearing underneath the vegetables bins in fresh food section? I will look up a diagram of your fridge while you answer.


On this model the drain tube is inside the back wall of fridge - not accessible. You need to remove the back wall and air tower inside freezer . You will now see the evaporator coil . At the bottom of the coil is the trough that collects water drippings when fridge defrosts. In the very center of trough is the hole that goes in and then down to the tube. Get all the ice out first using a hair dryer - watch that you don't get styrofoam parts too hot because they'll melt . That center styrofoam needs to come out so you have room to get to the hole ( it is sometimes easier to remove it downward from the fresh food side) Use a turkey baster and keep blasting and sucking the hole with hot water - refilling baster with hot water ocassionally - - eventually the water will go all the way down to compressor base pan . Once open pour a little bleach in the hole to kill any fungus growth in the tube.. Thanks for using justanswer.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

This sounds good. Is all this done inside the freezer and not the back of the refrigerator? Can you send any diagrams? I have the parts diagram from the GE web site but nothing tht shows a step by step procedure on what and how to remove. If you think it's pretty straight forward then say so. I disconnected some stuff earlierin the freezer and there was an aluminum cover that I was worried about removing since it looked like it was glued in. I didn't want to remove it unless instructed to do so.
Dan. Yes everything is done from inside the freezer. The aluminum you're referring to is sort of U-shaped and it goes part way up behind the evaporator You can remove it if that helps I think the floor of the freezer on this model is also removable and also that will help