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DennisH, Appliance Technician
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Hi, My name isXXXXX dishwasher has just ...

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Hi, My name isXXXXX dishwasher has just started to act up. T op rack not gettig clean, lots of soapy residue. Nothing has changed, water is hot, detergent the same. Im washing with a cup of vinegar right now. How do I take off bottom arm? #MDB6000AWW. Please help. Thank-you Cindy

Hello Cindy,

Removing the lower spray arm:

Remove lower rack out of the way.

Remove center wash arm cap by holding spray arm and twisting the cap off.

Once the cap has been removed this should reveal a hex nut remove the nut.

the spray arm should now lift right off.

Cap is circled in red arrow points to hex nut below>


My suggestions for this model once the arm is removed take the screws out of key item 4, and clean the screen key item 6, and the slots on the arms of key item 7 these commonly get pluged with soap build up, dont get them perfect just get them opened up some and reassemble washer and let it fill, once full put a half cup of CLR in the bottom and let it soak for about an hour then close the door and allow the finish of the cycle.

If you need more info let Me know


DennisH and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DennisH's Post: hi Dennis, I got one for you. Some yahoo put the bottom arm on OVER the cap. So i can't pop the cap off to get to the hex nut. Now what do I do? Cindy

Hello again Cindy,

In the center of the lower arm is a black plastic soft rubber boot Your saying this got put on under the arm?

Not sure how they would have done that but you would then see the nut in the center

If You have a camera and can snap a picture and post it here for Me I might be able to tell what has happened


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dennis, No soft rubber boot of any kind. There is a hard light gray plastic piece that is circular and slightly funnel shape inside the arm and sitting over where I think the nut should be. I might be able to pull the arm off but I think I'll brake it in the process. Cindy


Ok sorry the breakdown looked like the boot style, but that funnel in the center is threaded, it will twist and come off.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Dennis, I'm still fussing with my dishwasher. The   small funnel shaped thing is inside the spray arm and not attached to anything, it is loose, but to large to pull out of the whole in the arm. Does it serve any purpose? Could I try to cut it up and take it out in pieces?   Thanks for all your help. Cindy

Hi Cindy,

Something is not right here are yYou able to take a picture and post it so I can see which design this is I think the breakdown that comes up for the model You gave me is showing the wrong dishwasher.

By the way dont break anything to get it apart If you cant take a pic and post it I will figure out wich dishwasher You have.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The diagram of the little part on the bottom arm looks to be pretty close to what's on my dishwasher. The only problem is it is inside the arm. Could something heavy have dropped on it and knocked it in side? I wonder if I could get a hold of it with two plyers and pull it back up? I'm at work now so that trick will have to wait 'til the A.M. I don't have a digital camera, sorry. cindy


I found a better picture of the cap that twists off of that spray arm here it is>


You can see by the picture it is threaded for removal and the serated edge for grip take this off and the piece called the nozzle will come out after this is removed.

Once again You dont want to force anything that will just cause more damage.

Let me know once this is apart.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dennis, OOOHHH! I think I've got it from here thanks for all your help. Cindy


Glad We got got it figured out.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
dennis, I got the thing apart. Puored in the CLR and its working like new. Thank-you very much.

Anytime glad I could help.