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GE-TBX22RF. Ice maker makes ice. However there is too much ...

Customer Question

GE-TBX22RF. Ice maker makes ice. However there is too much water-flow that causes overflow into freezer. There is an adjustable set-screw on the reverse side as well as an adjustable way for the points to be placed. How does one adjust the water-flow time to proper limits? Are and how are those adjustments envolved? Have not found any schematic detailed enough for direction.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  DennisH replied 9 years ago.


The adjustments on these Ice Makers usualy only adjust them a small amount one way or the other if they are overflowing a part has failed in the Ice Maker, and most of the GE Ice Makers are modular and have to be replaced as a complete unit the GE-TBX22RF You supplied does not come up could You give the model number to Your appliance and I can find an Ice Maker for You.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The model # XXXXX (TBX22RF)came off the freezer door. That is the model #. The Ice-maker part # XXXXX 2B PS 300112 (from a site called "Appliance Repair forum".
As stated there is a screw adjustment on the rotating cam as well as an an adjustment that allows the two sets of points to move close or far from the cam in the rest position. That envolves a movement but 1/16"-1/8". both of these are on the inside (reverse/back-side) of the enclosed electrical unit with the motor that turns the cam assembly. Upon opening the encased electrical housing one finds no 'modular'. Just a set of gears (4) that run off the coil-type motor. On the electrical housing is the following:
51450-07 M000012

That's 30,        Mr.Lentz
Expert:  DennisH replied 9 years ago.


Now that I know which ice maker Your trying to fix I am going to have to suggest getting rid of it they discontinued these along time ago and I honestly never expected to ever have to deal with them again, not to question Your ability but are You certain it is overflowing because these are infamous for the piston seals leaking here is a kit for the seals and pistons>

But I will HIGHLY suggest replacing this with a whirpool ice maker kit this one comes with connectors to fit Your refrigerator>

Let Me know which direction You want to go and i will do My best to aid You


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The unit did leak so I found a pusher repair kit w/the unique tools required locally for $25.00 and did so replace. It does not now leak. What/where-ever an 'adjustment' is I guess I'll have to figure it out. The signal to open the water-valve and to shut-off is staying on way to long, maybe 30 seconds. There has to be an adjustment. So this unit must be before your time, and I appreciate your effort in this resolve. However I cannot ACCEPT as there still is the ubsoved problem.
   MUCH OBLIGED,      Mr. Lentz
Expert:  DennisH replied 9 years ago.

Fair enough I regret to say that I havent seen one in a while and I cant find any thing on the adjustments, and I refuse to give information I am not certain of.

Best of luck


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
What's all this? What's all this? What's all this? We've been there, done that. Now I have to get another credit.
Expert:  DennisH replied 9 years ago.
I suggested a refund for this question