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I have a GE side by side refrigerator/freezer that stopped ...

I have a GE side... Show More
I have a GE side by side refrigerator/freezer that stopped cooling last night. I can see and hear the fan run and the interior lights are on. I did vacuum alot of dust from the back side and under the unit and thought is was cooling properly after that because i measured the inside temp. before and after the cleaning. 30 min. after the cleaning the temp. dropped 2 degrees and i thought all was well and left for work. Tonight several hours later it is NOT cooling and do not know what tho check next.
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When you said the temperature in the Freezer dropped 2 degrees, what was the actual temperature?


Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

This morning it was 48 degrees inside after i vacuumed it out and 30 min. later it had dropped to 46 degrees and i thought it was all better until i came home and now it is warm but i have not measured the temp.

mod. GSS25TGMF ser. RD406602

Can you Check to see if you have alot of frost build up on the back of the refrigerator,

then we can go from there,

thank you

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
There is no frost inside or out
Can you also verify that the lights inside the fridge and freezer are shutting off when you close the door, i know it sounds funny. But alot of heat can be generated by those lights.
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

I can open the doors (either one) about 1" and see the light is off.

Opening more than 1" and the light comes on and the fan stops running

Before going any further into diagnostics the best thing to do in this case is to pull of the back panel to the freezer and get a visual of the evaporator, basically that is the coil of tubes behind that panel, If you could remove that we can go from there further on,

thank you

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
The back panel from within the freezer compartment ? and what will i be looking for ?
Basically we are going to be looking at the frost pattern that is back there, there are usually some tell tale signs of what the issue might be, even light layer of frost is what we would like to see. Let me know what you find
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

ok the cover is off and there is no frost.

Can i send you some pictures !

sure, absolutely. It looks like we are going to have to venture down to the compressor compartment now to narrown down the problem, when you say no frost, you mean none, right. shiny tubes, not dull anywhere are they cold to the touch?
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

Yes clean and cool

Is there a reset button or fuse to check ?

Basically the next thing we need to check is we need to make sure the compressor is running. You will be able to determine this simply by placing you hand on top of it, If it's not running you won't feel anything, if it is, it should be warm and you will feel it vibrate.(Could be warm and not running too) The Compressor should be running when the evaporator fan is running. The fan that is down by the compressor(condensor fan) will be running also. If the condensor fan is not running it will cause the compressor to overheat and shut off. And that means the compressor will be warm and not running when the evaporator fan is running.

Can you check that for me, Thanks for being patient, we will get to the bottom of this

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

I measured the interior temp is now 60 degrees both sides


Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
The compressor (round black thing) is cool to the touch
That Could be a good thing. That basically means that the compressor is not running at all. Or tries to start and can't. If I was at your house right now then next step i would take is replacing the electrical components that attach to the side of the compressor. More times than not, that will start the compressor up and you will be good to go. Those parts go bad. Don't know how else to put it other than thats life, but we need to move on so the first thing you need to do is get some replacement parts and replace the components. Basically there are going to be a couple wires running to a box on the side of the compressor, those are the parts that I'm talking about. look at #'s 733 part number WR07X10033 and 735 part number WR08X10025 let me know if you can see the picture. Thank yougraphic
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

ok, what are the parts ? contactors ? how much will it cost me ?

So the compressor may still be good ?

How do I check ?

Do you have a VoltMeter?

customer/albrap/images/items/GE WR08X10025_soes not exist



Non Stock$x.xx/EA
Suggested Retail Price $16.74/EA
Item IDDescriptionAvailabilityPriceQuantity
GE WR07X10033
customer/albrap/images/items/GE WR07X10033_soes not exist


(Basically this is the relay)

Non Stock$xx.xx/EA
Suggested Retail Price $47.24/EA


Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
YES i have a volt meter

unplug the frig and remove that box the is covering the electricals on the compressor, you want to check and make sure you have continuity between the pins, they basically make a triangle, so you want to check from top to bottom left pin and then check from top to bottom right pin then check across the bottom pins.

Let me know how you make out.

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
ok, i'll be right back
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

between top and bottom left = 4.3

between top and bottom right = 3.5

across the bottom = 4.3

The compressor is good, now lets switch the volt meter to vac and check to see if we have voltage going to those wires that plug into the electricals. Should read 115 or so.

Make sure when you plug in the refrigerator, those wire aren't touching anything, then plug it in and put your meter on them and see what we get.

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

i have no voltage at those 3 terminals

but the compressor is good ?

Are you checking the orange and black wires? That is where you want to check it at.

You are going to check the wires that plug into the parts that I listed earlier. Not the compressor pins this time.

The reading that you are getting on your compressor shows that it is most likely good when checking continuity.

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
those 3 wires on the side of the compressor are orange, black and white and between the 3 of them there is no voltage.

Ok, then I recieve a PM from another Expert earlier and he was right. You have a bad Main PCB and the part # XXXXX XXXXX that's Number 801 on the diagram I sent you earlier here is the cost,

Item IDDescriptionAvailabilityPriceQuantity
GE WR55X10174
customer/albrap/images/items/GE WR55X10174_soes not exist
USE WR55X10552Non Stock$xx.xx/EA
Suggested Retail Price $111.09/EA

use WR55X10552 when you order a new one, that will get your Refrigerator up and running again.

If you have anymore questions I will be Happy to assist


Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
So that looks like the computer board ? is it just a plug and play type thing ?
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

I figure this refrigerator to be about 8 yrs. old. Do you know how long they last ?

And if it was a bad compressor how much do the cost ? cause if that were the problem I would have had to have a service man change it because of the freon and soldering involved and a service call would be extra right ?

Thats it, Nothing really to it, Just unplug the Refrigerator, take out the old one, plug up the new one, plug the fridge back in and compressor should hum away. After all we checked thats the only thing it can be. We have no voltage getting to the compressor when the fans are running, that's what sends the voltage there. I'm confident that if you replace the board you will be good to go. I can't pull up a cost for the compressor GE's site is not letting me select that.

Its not giving me the option for #725 on the diagram I sent you. They are usually around $125-$150 or so. I can't give you a life expectancy on your fridge, I believe you should get many more years of cooling out of it though. It would be worth replacing the Board.

Thanks again for using I hope I was able to assist you properly and hope you have found this site easy to use. Any more Questions please feel free to ask. I will do my best to provide you with the most accurate knowledge I have.

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.

Ok, well thanks so much for your help and i will try and get that board locally if i order it well it may take a day or two longer

Main PCB #WR55X10174 $111.09

Good Luck with your Appliance Repair use the board WR55X10552 its a replacement for the original, I don't believe the other # XXXXX be available.

I have seen mark ups of $180 or more. Don't let local guys charge too much.

That $111 dollar price is suggested Retail. Should be close to that.

Dealer Cost on that is around 80 -100

Again good luck, I hope this information has helped you and you are satisfied with your answers.

Thanks Again for Using

Customer reply replied 9 years ago.


I did click the accept button last night and hope you did get paid !

I purchased the board today and plugged it into the refrigerator then plugged in the refrigerator and the compressor started right away !

You fixed it , thanks Jack