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I have a Hotpoint Mod# XXXXX V4WH and when I turn on ...

Customer Question

I have a Hotpoint Mod# XXXXX V4WH and when I turn on the top burners they get red hot and when I turn on the oven elements the top burners lose their cooking Temp. I checked the voltage at my breaker box and it does not have a drop in voltage that is abnormal. Thanks in advance!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 9 years ago.


The first thing I would check is the size wire supplieing the unit. Be certain that it is of sufficient size to supply the unit. Too many times I have seen wireing that is underated for the unit being serviced. The reason the breakers do not trip is they are rated at a higher amprage than the wire. This can be a serious situation and can be a high potential for a fire.

Aside from the units wiring being too small this is about the only thing that will cause the problem you are having if there is no significant voltage drop at the source when the unit is in use.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to The Home Smithy's Post: I am feeding the range with #8 copper which I have been told is heavy enough for the range
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 9 years ago.
Yes that is sufficient. This may be a design flaw in the unit. I have never run into this problem myself. I wil opt out and maybe another expert has more information for you.
Expert:  Steve G. replied 9 years ago.

Hi. This is Steve. Another expert.

When you say that you have the correct voltage, can you tell me what that was?

How many wires come to the range box? 2 blacks and a white? What is the voltage from each black to the white?

Check that and get back to me.