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Jesse Long
Jesse Long, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Whirlpool DU945PWPQ0 diagnostics

Customer Question

My unit stopped mid cycle, I have confirmed power to the unit yet still NO panel resonse. Is there a diagnostic sequence to check this unit or to reset the panel or Circuit Board? I have unplugged it for 3 hours and replugged it and still nothing.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jesse Long replied 9 years ago.
There is not a diagnostic feature on this unit. However, what you need to look at now is inside the door.
Only continue if you have an ohms meter!
Open the door and take out all of the screws on the door when it is face down. This will seperate the inner tub door and the outside door. Now, if you look where the handle is, there are two black wires and two white wires that run into two seperate switches on the handle. You need to check that these switches work. To do so, take the wires off the switches, and if you need to, please draw them on a piece of paper to remember how they go back on. Then take the switches and check the resistance on each one. You should have no resistance when you push down on the little button. If you have any resistance, or it's open, then it is a bad switch.

If you do not find the switches to be the problem, then what you will need to do is replace the controll panel and the board itself. The control panel is the entire top plastic piece with the buttons on it, and the board is directly behind it. But first you need to look at the owners manual. It may be possible that these parts are under warranty, and if so, then call an authorized service man to do the warranty work.

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