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Chuck G.
Chuck G., Home Appliance Technician
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I need a schematic of a Montgomery-Ward ...

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I need a schematic of a Montgomery-Ward microwave/convection oven model#KSA8293A(-circa 1984 and made by Sharp under the Wards house brand name) for repair purposes
Hi, Thanks for using justanswer!
Did you remove the cabinet from your microwave yet? The manufacture used to paste the schematic to the inside of the outter shell of the microwaves!
Check there first, If its not there I will research it for you.
Hope this helps!
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Thanks again, Chuck G.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
I hope the schematic is where you say it is!
The microwave repair shop that I have it in is closed on weekends and I have left your message for technician Tom to check for the schematic inside the outer shell come Monday morning.
As soon as I learn something I will respond to you and either Accept(so you can get paid)or give you a message if further research is needed.
Will be in touch buddy, have a good weekend and thanks for responding so far.
Sounds Good, Chuck
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Chuck G.'s Post: Hi Chuck,
I hope you got my first reply, if not, again, my Wards microwave is in the shop and the shop is closed until Monday(PST)8a.m.
I left your message on where to check inside the outer shell on the answer machine for tech. Tom so he can check Monday morning.
If it's there, as soon as I'm told I'll get on line and pay you by pressing accept buddy; if by chance it's not then I'll ask you for further research soon hang tight.
By the way, I like the "life is like a dogsled team" saying Ha!Ha! I told dad that one!
Stay tuned.
Sounds Good, Chuck
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Chuck G.'s Post: Hi Chuck,
It's Monday afternoon and I spoke to tech. Tom(they're open Presidents day) and he said the schematic pasted inside on the side is what he refers to as a "black box schematic", it just has outlines and shows voltage in and voltage out and no voltage values to check for tracing/troubleshooting through the schematic components and is not helpful to him.
So I will ask you for further research and hope that you kept some old schematics including one for my model(if you used to service these among others)-that would be Awesome because I love this old combination and have kept it like new all these years and want to keep it if they can fix it.
Again it is model#KSA8293A
If you can research this schematic(a repair tech. manual detailed one) and are able to upload it, that would do buddy.
I got to get ready for swing shift(mail handler and I opted to work today).
I hope you can surprize me "Lead dog" ha!ha!
Let me know and if there are any complications about uploading a schematic through this site we can look into using a fax# XXXXX necessary.

Steve C.
STEVE! ..... Your not going to believe this but i found the diagram for your model. You never told me what was wrong, I might be able to shed some light or direct ol' Tom in the right direction. I made a paper copy of this for my reference, in case you need me to trace a circuit. Here they are:

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
I'm still some what of a rookie on the computer(I've had one only about 3 years now) but I've tried hitting the "view full image" option on both of these schematics and when I hit print it prints too large and only a piece. When I hit print as shown it prints them small as entered.
When they're large they(full image) they're alittle sketchy and I don't see any voltage values on the internal circuitry that tech. Tom
at xxxx xxxxxx Repair. Ph.(xxx-xxx-xxxx
and *FAX(xxx-xxx-xxxx said he needs to troubleshoot. He said something like he had 18 volts going in(probably the inside light) but doesn't know where it's going and something like doesn't want to apply 110 volts and burn something up. If you can upload these schematics some how(or fax them c/o Tom, Microwave Specialist on behalf of Steve Currys M.Wards microwave/convection oven repair) so that I can print them both to fit standard 8 and 1/2" by 11" printer print out that would be good if possible. My dad dad has a phone/fax machine also but would need to know when you're faxing them so he could switch it over to receive. I have Tues. and Weds. off so now is the best time for correspondance. My number if you're in Calif.
and want to touch base on this is xxx-xxx-xxxx (I hope this web site doesn't block any of this!)
The problem is I came out one day and the clock was out on my microwave and the touch pad wouldn't work when I tried to press numbers on it(wouldn't work at all), but the inside light still comes on when you open the door.
Give me a call or let me know how you want to respond.

Steve, I faxed the schematics to Tom for you, I included a note for him to check a simple circuit. If you have line voltage going into your control with no display shown, your transformer on the control is most likely bad. Unfortunately thre control is no longer available. BUT all is not lost . Here is a link of a control repair facility I have used them once, with good results.
Good luck! Chuck G.

Let me know if you need more assistance or if you have any questions.
Thank you for using

Chuck G.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Chuck,
Thanks for calling and faxing your schematics to Tom at the microwave repair co. along with a troubleshooting note for him! -You're 100% buddy!
It was good talking to you and thanks for the link to the PCBR company in Texas also, I brought it up and that sounds like the company that can rebuild the bad part(transformer probably huh?) whatever it is. I forwarded that to "Microwave and Appliance Repair" at their [email protected] as well along with a message and Tom is to Call Me and let me know
what he finds out as I keep having to call him to get updates. I'll be in touch if I/we need any further expertise.
You're the Lead Dog and the Main Man and keep up the good work!
Thanks again,
Steve Curry
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX good one! / Chuck