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I have a ten year old electric cooktop that was recently ...

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I have a ten year old electric cooktop that was recently disconnected for a home remodeling - I didn''t watch the unhooking. Now want to reinstall. Have three wires on the cooktop (black, white & copper). Circuit coming out of the wall (no wall plug) has a black, a white, a red and a copper wire. I am now confused and need to know how to reconnect the cooktop. Can you help please.
Hi, thanks for using justanswer!
Basically you just connect black to black , white to red ,and copper to the white and copper to your power outlet.
This is the new install instructions for the newer style (just for reference)
Hope this helps!

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Thank You / Chuck G.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Chuck G.'s Post: I understand what you are telling me but have one more question/comment. The copper wire coming from the wall appears that it has never been connected to anything plus the "box" in the wall is plastic. Is it O.K. for that so called ground wire to just "sit there" instead of being connected to something?
The bare copper wire is a chassis ground wire. On your old cooktop they only used 2 hot wires and a ground. On your wiring coming out your wall the white is neutral and the copper is the ground. In your breaker box the white and the ground is connected to the same buss bar. I would prefer you install a metal box. Connect the ground wire to the inside of your metal box and that will take care of your problem!
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thanks again/ chuck
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for your help - now I can reconnect with confidence.
Great! Thank you! Please leave feedback,
Good Night....

Chuck G.