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I have used this site before for vet. Was very pleased. Most

Customer Question

I have used this site before for vet. Was very pleased. Most questions now r related to appraisals on some antique items some discontinued items porecelane crystal, jewelry Etc. I have moved 3 times n last 5 years , to begin with moved from house thought I would be n forever, but even though prenup agreement lost house anyway. Should've used your lawyers then. Anyway story short each move have given 2 sons and niece many items. Many items! Oh well it is nice that I still get to see them when at their house . Now I am going from being a materialistic person to totally minimalistic.
I am in process to hopefully rec DDS in December . Whatever happens I am not staying in this rental at 1 k month plus elec and other continuing to exhaust every penny it has taken me to live off of since becoming disabled,
I would like to be out of here by feb 1 if not sooner
My plan is to buy an inexpensive lot and put a mini house of no more than 600' on it.
I will still have to borrow a portion of the $ even at that. Hindsight 20/20
So am getting ready to begin having yard sales although they r indoor sales because have a completely empty LR. I don't plan to do this in 1 day I plan to spread it out over the month of December and wrap it up in Jan only keeping what will fit into tiny house.
I have begun to price things and some think I'm crazy because a lot of it was very expensive and even not used r n excellent condition . Some of my items r handmade 1 of a kind. Also some not much jewelry I'd like to get rid of.
Big question can u all help with this project so I can get the most from my goods giving me a price and in some cases perhaps another way to sell it other than LR sale?
Second question is can I use more than 1 of your ,services at a time .i may need the vet r dr r lawyer for real and tech support I always need
So is there a membership plan I can do for a couple of months using all r is separate charge for each.
What r the charges and what kind of contract .
Also regarding items for sale do I send in photos and description that I have..
Thank u look forward to hearing from u.
I have sent a similar question recently neutrality didn't get responded I am probably n your system but just in case email is *******@*******.***. My name is Jan *****
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 8 months ago.


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