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I just inherited 2 swords. They look to be centuries old.

Customer Question

I just inherited 2 swords. They look to be centuries old. If I send you a picture, could you give me your opinion of how old and what country they were built in?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  ObjectsConservator1 replied 1 year ago.
I'm happy to help with your conservation/preservation and object identification questions.The sword on the right in the photo is a European swept-hilt rapier. It was both a military infantry and person use weapon generally from 1600-1660 when it began to be replaced by pistols. If there are any markings on the hilt or blade. those might help identify an actual country of origin. What is the overall length. The sword on the left in the photo has an unusually shaped hilt, however, it fits the overall design for a two-handled German sword design made and used during the 16th century by the German mercenaries known as Landsknecht throughout Europe. Again, what is the overall length of the sword.Both have features, i.e. the curved bars on the hilts and the overall scale of each that leads me to think that these might be display replicas, in which case they were probably made in Pakistan or India.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The sword on the right is just about 40" and the left 41". My dad was a Army Colonel who served in WW2. I'm not sure where he picked them up but they've been in the family for over 6 decades. Any idea of the value?
Expert:  ObjectsConservator1 replied 1 year ago.
Those are both around 10" shorter than historic examples of those weapons. The prices of current replicas of similar swords vary from $150-$350 for new pieces. Your's are in fair condition with apparent rust and tarnish overall. It's also presented as a wall decoration with the copper shield mount, so roughly around $300 in the current condition of the assembly.It would be worth having it formally appraised by a professional appraiser in your area as this service can only provide approximate value based on the current market.