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LadyTanya65, Certified Appraiser
Category: Antiques
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Experience:  25+ years experience in Antiques, Certified Appraiser, Speaker, Member of AOA, Asheford Institute Antiques,and I am an Antique Researcher
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I have what look to be antique frames. A 14x15 and a 13x14.

Customer Question

I have what look to be antique wood frames for canvas. A 14x15 and a 13x14. I think they are authentic. Also wondering if the artists work is valuable. One is by F. Biliotti, the other Slezak. Both flores in oil.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


In order for me to properly assess what you have I will need to see images of the front, back and a clear, in-focus close-up of the signature.

If you had already attached images to your initial posting, they are not showing for me here on my end.

Please send the photos at your convenience. There is not an extra charge to provide more pictures here.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am switching to home computer in order to send photos. Is there an email address I can send to?
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


You can try emailing your images to *****@******.*** and write “For Nora/Antiques” in the subject line of the email.

Photos sent by email do not arrive to me directly nor instantly, they get forwarded to me by admin.


There may be an +Add Files button or if there is a toolbar with a paperclip icon showing above the box where you type in responses, then follow the steps on this link for sharing photos:


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please tell me approximate value if they are in fact authentic antiques. I have been charged for receiving an answer. Cannot send photos.
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


I would really need to see images in order to verify what you have.

Please note that experts here are not employees of, experts are verified users who do not handle charges, fees, credit cards, memberships or subscriptions in any way or form. For such queries, please email *****@******.***

In the meantime I will opt-out and your question will open again to all the experts. If someone knows the answer they will post a response to you here. You do not need to re-list your question and this does not cost you extra.

I do hope you find the information that you seek.


Expert:  LadyTanya65 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, My name is***** am a certified appraiser. I would be happy to help you. Without photos it is hard to value an item however I have attached the biography of Slezak along with the value on a 13x 14 floral painting is 85.00-125.00 framed.

Here is the biography:

Stacia Slezak was born in Omaha, Nebraska and is a life-long resident. She is an art history student at Creighton University graduating in 2005 with a degree in Art History and Arts Management.

At a very young age Slezak started sketching pictures and making art projects from things around the house. Friends and family recognized her natural talent and joy for creating art and encouraged her to follow her passion. She experimented with different art utensils and supplies working in various mediums. At age 13 she purchased her first acrylic paints and began exploring the range of painting application techniques.

Slezak's preferred mediums are acrylic, watercolor and ink. She has produced works in pastel, oil, charcoal, digital photography, oil pastel and ceramics. In 1998 her Digital Self-Portrait won a ribbon in her division at the Nebraska State Fair. She has received recognition and awards at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival, Creighton University's All-University Art Exhibition, and in two literary magazines "The Muse" and "Shadows".

At the age of 17 Stacia Slezak and a small group of students from the Omaha area high schools traveled in Europe for two weeks. They visited and photographed the following cities: Rome, Florence, Paris, and Madrid. Slezak's favorite city from the trip was Florence. This trip provided the opportunity to take photographs and use some of the images in her work.

In 2001 Slezak received the Gold Key Scholastic Art Award for oil on canvas board titled "Hideaway". In June 2001 she participated in the Washington D.C. ceremonies for Scholastic Art and Writing Award recipients. "The Hideaway" was exhibited at the Corcoran Museum of Art for one year. Slezak participated in a collaborative quilt making project at the Corcoran Gallery of Art along with 150 of the 255 award-winning students who came for the ceremonies.

Slezak continues to create in her free time. She views art as a personal release expressing her ideas and emotions. She values the positive effect art has on the world. In her words "There is an abundance of beauty, inspiration, challenge, strength, paradox, innovation, incandescence and life in all types of art. The key is to allow yourself to at least consider it. So often we are bombarded by images and ideas that our minds automatically screen them out. There is much meaning and perspective that can be gained by simply looking and considering."

Slezak is developing a catalogue for a Nebraska artist collaborating with another art historian. She works part time at Joslyn Memorial Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

Her artistic style is developing and is an expressive view of realism regardless of the medium. She finds artistic inspiration from her travel, home, peer artists and studies of the Great Masters in art.

Submitted by Janet G. Smith, Independent curator, art authenticator, art historian.

I am still looking for the F. Biliotti artist and will post back here shortly.

Expert:  LadyTanya65 replied 1 year ago.

The following F. Billiotti painting sold for 50.00 in 2015. Very little is written on this artist other then he did florals of all types.

Franco Biliotti oil painting on canvas depicting a still life scene with flowers in vase over yellow and gold ground. Mounted in gilt wooden frame. Measures approx. 16" height x 12" width + 2 1/2" frame. $50.00 liveauctions January 28,2015

You state the measurements of F. Biliotti painting of floral in oils is 14 x 15. The value would be 175.00-225.00 framed and in good condition.

If I may be of further service please let me know. I am happy to help.


If I have answered all your questions and helped you please rate my answer as this is how I am paid from the site. It does not cost you anything it is just how I am paid:

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To authenticate the paintings we would need to see photos so I do hope the information I am able to give you does help. These values are based on size and subject as without seeing the pieces it is hard to state they are real or authentic