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Doris, Antiques Appraiser
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 9795
Experience:  Antiques store owner 10+yrs.Best of City Two Years. Collector 56+yrs.USPAP compliant. Member AOA.Founded part of antiques, silver & art collection at local museum.
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I have a bedroom suite that was given to me. I was told that

Customer Question

I have a bedroom suite that was given to me. I was told that it's antique. How do I find out?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Doris replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome! My name is Doris.
I have been an antiques collector, dealer and appraiser for over 56 years.
I will be pleased to help you.

Please know that I cannot accept any requests for "live conversations" such as phone calls. I must research up-to-date data to give the most accurate answer.
Besides there are extra system charges to you for live conversations.

Your set certainly is in antique style. The best way to know is to look at where the side of a drawer joins with the front of the drawer.

Please send me a photo of that of one of the joins.

Are there any labels on the furniture or any markings that might indicate the maker?

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you tell me who made this furniture? It appears as though the label has fallen off prior to my ownership. It looks like the original sticker disintegrated but the green sticker looks like it was purchased from North American International Inc. It shows Lot No. A-2220
Expert:  Doris replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for the information and photos.

Please allow me time to research the data required by your question, calculate current values and write my answer.

I should be back in less than 30 minutes.

I thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Doris replied 1 year ago.

The listing for North American International, Inc. is now listed as a marketing company in NJ.

I believe it has nothing to do with the probably defunct furniture company with the same name.

The joins on your set are late 19thC. The curved lines of your set date the same as they are part of Art Nouveau style.

The high back headboard also indicates 19thC.

See the following photo.

The price of this set is $1500 which I believe to be the value of your set.

If you would like to sell close to retail , some ideas are:

The internet has your largest audience of buyers. Place small ads on these sites or set up your own small store on these sites. - small fees - 20 cents to list plus 3.5% final price. - more upscale fee based - more upscale fee based
Amazon Marketplace:

Another method that could be very effective would be to place a classified in the "Maine Antique Digest" It has a large readership of collectors all across the country.

A private seller to a dealer can expect 30-60% of retail value.

I hope I have helped you.

If I can help you with further questions about this answer, please let me know before you rate me.

All my answers are quoted in USA dollars.

I endeavor to give realistic, honest answers in a timely manner.

Please take a little time to give me a POSITIVE RATING now so that I am compensated by JA for my time and effort. This is of no cost to you.

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Please let me know if you have difficulty with the site's rating system. To rate me, you should see 5 stars near my answer. 5 stars gives me the best rating.

Kind regards.


If you would like to use me on any future questions, requesting me expires in a short time. If you put my name (Doris) at the first of the question, that will make sure it gets to me.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you use the emblem on the headboard to see who typically manufactured this design?
Expert:  Doris replied 1 year ago.

No. There were many furniture companies and individual makers at this time. If the rest of the label were legible we might know.

I believe the suite was made earlier than the label anyway. Such labels were more common later in the 20thC making one think it is actually the label of a reseller.

Please do not forget my need for a positive rating. It is the only way I am compensated by Just Answer for my work. It costs you nothing extra.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Doris replied 1 year ago.

Hi there!

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

Let me know,