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My name is bill hobart and i have a kerosen heater with

Customer Question

Hellomy name is ***** ***** and i have a kerosen heater with markings that that indicate it is a Majestic No 12 made by Novelty MFG Co Jackson MIC. There are casting marks that are 1895. Trying to find out about this heater to restor. What was originally nicckle/Chrome and what was paited what color?
Can you advise any info
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Anthony McCaskill replied 1 year ago.

According to the patent filed in 1896 by the Novelty MFG, the material used to make the stove is polished sheet metal. Below is a description taken directly from that patent

The stove is made up of a round smooth base-ring A, supported on sheet-metal legs F of the design indicated. Resting on this base is the body portion B for containing the tank or reservoir of the stove. Above this is a polished sheet-metal rim B. Resting upon this rim B is a heating-drum C, which is supported on the polished rim at the bottom, which rests by suitable feet on the rim B. The top D is also formed of polished metal shaped in regular form, as indicated. The lower portion projects out beyond the sides of the drum and bears a central cover portion above. Suitable perforations are indicated in the top for the passage of the heat. These perforations are not material to the design and might be made through the sides of the top of the heating-drum C, instead of through other portions of the top. without varying my design. Around the drum are suitable ornamental bands b, and a similar band appears around the body portion. A window-frame E, of bright metal, carrying the usual mica sheets, is placed in the side of the heating-drum, as indicated.

Here is the link to the entire patent

I have also included a picture from an auction website that claims that their Majestic 12 is all orginal and it should be able to provide some insight on the color scheme. I hope this helps and I will continue looking for anymore information I can find.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Now that we have gone this far I still have some unanswered questions.
Are there any serial number marking to try to date the heater? Where might they be located?
The phot furnished is slightly differant than the one I have. The Heater I have has a solid steel ring on the bottom of the legs that have the wheels attached to the ring. The phot sent shows grab irons on the sides at the bottom, mine does not. The egal orniment on the top of the heater is differant than mine. Mine has two tin cup like sphears that go together with a smaller broken orniment at the top. Do you have any other photos? Having said this what are the average ages of the one that have chrome or nickle plating on the cast parts? What is the range of value at auction if restored? Are these very rare as I coould not find any on the internet? Where might I obtain a new wick for the heater?Thanks