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Rarewares, Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 10655
Experience:  Antiques dealer for over 10 years specializing in porcelain, glass, art, furniture, coins, watches, sterling silver, pocket watches, and jewelry.
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There is no mention of a fee service..Is this so?

Customer Question

there is no mention of a fee for your service..Is this so?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Rarewares replied 2 years ago.

The fees will depend on if you are on trial or subscription. I deal only with evaluations of items and not with billing, so I am not aware of any more details of the billing side of the service than that.

If you are ready, please add pictures with the ADD FILES button and describe the item that you are seeking a valuation on.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hello rarewares..... For some reason the $38 fee has already been charged even though we have not even begun....A notice saying "OOPS already charged ...will not be double charged" words to that effect...I hope that is true...Can you verify? Thanks
Expert:  Rarewares replied 2 years ago.

I must apologize, I am not privy to any of the billing practices, fees or details of your account. I work FOR the site, but not AT the site. As much as I would love to help you with the item that you have, if you would like me to send you to customer service/refunds, I do have the ability to do that. We might lose each other in the process, so make sure to ask for RAREWARES when/if you are ready to get to your antique, jewelry, or collectible.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
please send me to customer/refunds...thanks....
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I meant please send me to customer service/ refunds....
Expert:  Rarewares replied 2 years ago.


Sure, I will do that now.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hello Rarewares.....The 'OOPS' notice says I will not be charged twice and to start where we left>>>>
I have Gorham Sterling, pattern Old English TIPT....8 place settings, 5 pieces per setting....40 pieces total...about 60 years old...never used...still in individual sleeves. No engraving on handles...Mint condition...In the original B. Altman Co. fabric container.
What is its value? How does one sell this?
Thanks for your help. How soon can you get back to me?
Expert:  Rarewares replied 2 years ago.

Hello Don,

The Gorham Old English Tipt pattern was made beginning in 1870 and was discontinued in 2007, so there are a lot of families that collect this for their heirloom sterling. The fact that there is no monogram is a good thing as well. The value of this set is $1700 to $2000 retail. The best way to sell this set would be to sell it yourself on Ebay (consider the 13% in fees once all is said and done). If this is beyond your ability and time, you can contact your local auction house to sell the set for you. You can Google 'auctioneers in *insert your nearest large city*' and there should be a good list there to contact. It is best to find one that also offers online bidding so that you can get the best price. Auction houses take from 10 to 25% (negotiable) but they do ALL of the work for you and you get a check within 14 to 45 days after the auction.