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Diana F.
Diana F., Antiques Appraiser
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I have a pocket watch that I am looking to identify the

Customer Question

I have a pocket watch that I am looking to identify the maker of and the year it was made. It has the three bears, an E and a C on either side of a rectangle with 0,935 in the rectangle. It has a S and F on the clockwork itself. I can send pictures of the inside if it helps.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Diana F. replied 2 years ago.

Hi. My name is Diana.


Please keep in mind that even though a rating box may pop up, I would appreciate you not rating me until I give you an answer.


I was wondering if you'd still like help with your watch.


From what I can tell, that does look like little bears---that design was used on Swiss cases. That's used to indicate silver. That fact that yours has 3 bears is a bit different. 3 bears indicates .935 or 93.5% silver. 3 bears wasn't widely accepted so they were really only used from about 1880 to 1890 or so. The fact thats that yours has both the 3 bears and the 0935 marks means it was probably made around 1890 or so.


There really aren't records on watch and casemakers from Switzerland during that era. Most records are incomplete, so I can't tell you who EC stands for. Unfortunately that's the situation with most Swiss jewelry and watches.


I can still help with a value though. If you can send pictures of the gears and face, I'll be glad to help with a value.


If your message box has a blue box that says "attach file" or a paper clip icon you can use that to upload photos.
Here's another way that works really well:
Go to
Click "Computer".
Double click the image you want to upload.
Click "Start Upload".
When the image appears on your screen, just copy the link from that page and paste it on this page.
If those don't work you can email them.

Email the pictures to***@******.***

They have to be sent from the same email address that you used to sign up Answer (which is usually the email address you use to Log In). It has to be the same email address or JA won't recognize it and they'll just delete them.

Make sure you tell them that you've tried everything and that you're trying to get pictures to me (DianaF) in antiques and give them your screen (customer) name and your real name.

That should do it.