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I have been trying to identify my antique set of Rosenthal

Customer Question

I have been trying to identify my antique set of Rosenthal china for over a decade. I am the second owner of the set and have never used it. It is called Viktoria elfenbien gold, but it has a very ornate black scroll on the gold rims. I purchased it in the 1990's in Aarhus Denmark from an antique dealer in a small shop. I was in the shop when he was bringing it in. He said he had gotten it from the estate sale of his best friends great-aunt who had passed in her late 80's. The queen's summer palace is in Aarhus and this woman lived the neighborhood reserved for housing of the gentry that were part of the court for hundreds of years. I do not know her title, but was told she was gentry. The china set had been one of many packed in their original boxes. I was told she only used the tea set, and in fact the only pieces missing are the teapot, cream and sugar bowl's, cake plate and cups and saucers. For year's I have searched in the US and Europe for replacements, but never found any in my specific pattern until a few years ago when I found a website on antique Rosenthal patterns. It is mostly informational and has a history of the company and photos of all the markings from begging to present day. However he did have a few pieces of china, and in the Viktoria pattern I found a saucer that looked exactly like mine. The markings on the back matched mine so it is from my set. The man said that he had no knowledge about the pattern and had never seen a piece like it before. I am wondering now if it was possibly commissioned and maybe one of a kind, or perhaps one of a small number of sets. Someone suggested I contact you to see if I might find out more about it. I appreciate any assistance you can give me about it, or at least where to look next. Thank you.- ***** *****
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 2 years ago.

Hello Elizabeth,

From your research and description here of the provenance, or prior ownership history, this is likely a set that was made as a special commission from Rosenthal. If it is just that then the only place to get a true identification would be through the Rosenthal company itself as they may still have the work order if old files were kept in relative well order.