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Rarewares, Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 10039
Experience:  Antiques dealer for over 10 years specializing in porcelain, glass, art, furniture, coins, watches, sterling silver, pocket watches, and jewelry.
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Spoonsengland epns

Customer Question

spoonsengland epns
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Rarewares replied 1 year ago.

These are called English Apostle spoons and older sets should depict a different apostle on the termination of each handle. Yours are marked EPNS which means Electro Plated Nickel Silver; these being a combination of nickel and zinc then dipped in a wash of liquid silver rather than being sterling silver throughout. If all of the spoons show the same image (apostle with just a book, for example), then these were the more common later spoons and did not represent any one apostle in particular. These could not be from the 1700's because the EPNS process was not patented until 1840. I know that you mentioned that these were handed down for 8 generations, but that might be a family story that got exaggerrated over the years. The latest that these could be is 1840, more likely that these were made in the 1910- 1920 time period when these were more plentifully made. Your set of spoons has a value of $120.00.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
would u be able to send me some pictures so i could identify and fine the set ive got please
Expert:  Rarewares replied 1 year ago.

There were many different companies that made these, so each set is a little different; all being valued the same. Here are just two examples and I think you will see the similarity to yours in one of these two.

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Expert:  Rarewares replied 1 year ago.

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Do also let me know if these photos are similar to yours.

Expert:  Rarewares replied 1 year ago.

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